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(01)10070319028450 | (01)10070319028467 | (01)10070319028474 | (01)10070319028481
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Tranquility SwimMates Disposable Swimwear


Tranquility SwimMates Disposable Swimwear Tranquility SwimMates are made for adults and youth who have incontinence problems but still want to enjoy the beach or pool. It is a discreet disposable swim...

Size: Small

X Large
XX Large

Package Size: Pack (Count: Small 22s, Medium 20s, Large 18s, XLarge 14s or XXLarge 12s)

Pack (Count: Small 22s, Medium 20s, Large 18s, XLarge 14s or XXLarge 12s)
Case (Count: Small 88s, Medium 80s, Large 72s, XLarge 56s or XXLarge 48s)
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SKU: TRA-2844
UPC: 070319028446

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Tranquility SwimMates Disposable Swimwear

Tranquility SwimMates are made for adults and youth who have incontinence problems but still want to enjoy the beach or pool. It is a discreet disposable swim diaper for one-time use and can be easily disposed of. This swimwear can hold your waste and save you from shame on water occasions or activities.

This disposable swimwear is also ideal for individuals undergoing aqua therapy that needs protection from their uncontrollable waste. It is comfortable to wear and allows them to move in the pool without worrying about leakage problems. This incontinence swimwear is also unisex and available in various sizes, so you can easily choose the right one for your need.

Disposable Swimwear Features

  • Disposable swimwear is worn under a swimsuit
  • The blue moisture-proof barrier for urine
  • Kufguards (inner leg cuffs) 
  • Incredibly sustainable in water
  • Tear-away side seams are used for easy removal
  • Full-rise waist panel for a better fit
  • Blue waistband indicates the back of swimwear
  • Latex free

Disposable Swimwear Specifications



Package Quantity

Case Quantity


22 “-36”

22 Count

88 Count (4 Bags)


34 “-48”

20 Count

80 Count (4 Bags)


44 “-54”

18 Count

72 Count (4 Bags)


48 “-66”

14 Count

56 Count (4 Bags)


62 “-80”

12 Count

48 Count (4 Bags)

This product is non-returnable due to hygiene reasons 

Disposable Swimwear Benefits

SwimMates disposable swim diapers are designed with you in mind. Here are some of its benefits:

  • They are made from high-quality materials that will keep you feeling dry and comfortable throughout your swim.
  • They’re discreet, so you can go about your day worry-free, knowing that if accidents happen, they’ll be easy to clean up.
  • They’re affordable, so you can spend less on more swimwear and enjoy the benefits of a comfortable and confident swim experience.
  • They can save your outer swimsuit from mess and stains.
  • They can help boost the user’s confidence in going to the beach or pool.
  • They’re easy to take care of - just throw them away in the bin after use.


SwimMates disposable swimwear is designed to be worn under regular swimsuits, providing secure containment for bowel incontinence. It has a blue moisture-proof barrier that can provide light urinary incontinence protection. Plus, this disposable swimwear was crafted with Kufguards, which can help contain bowel incontinence, keeping the pool and bathing suit clean.

Tough and Safe to Use

This disposable swimwear by Tranquility was designed to have minimal swelling and not rupture, even for extended hours in water. This allows longer hours to enjoy the pool without worries and restrictions in movement. Additionally, the materials used in this swimwear are latex-free and gentle on the skin and won’t irritate the user.

Easy and Comfortable to Wear

Tranquility SwimMates is clear to wear because the blue waistband indicates the back of the swimwear for you to equip it right consistently. Its side seams are made with a tear-away design for easy removal and change of diapers. In addition, these SwimMates are crafted with a full-rise waist panel for a better, more comfortable, and snug fit.


Q: Can I wear SwimMates under my regular swimsuit?

A: Yes, absolutely! Tranquility SwimMates are designed to be worn discreetly under your regular swimsuit. They provide an additional layer of protection and comfort, ensuring a worry-free swimming experience.

Q: Are SwimMates suitable for both adults and children?

A: Yes, SwimMates are available in sizes for both adults and children. We offer a range of sizes to accommodate different body types and age groups, ensuring a comfortable fit for everyone.

Q: Can SwimMates be used by individuals with incontinence?

A: Yes, Tranquility SwimMates is an ideal choice for individuals with incontinence. The advanced absorbent core and leak guard protection provides excellent containment, giving you the confidence to enjoy swimming without worry.

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