Drive Medical Rear Glide Walker Brakes with 3" Wheel


Drive Medical Rear Glide Walker Brakes with 3” Wheel Drive Medical Rear Glide Walker Brakes are perfect for individuals looking for walker brakes that are nimbler and more functional. These brakes...

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SKU: DRI-10106
UPC: 822383100104

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Drive Medical Rear Glide Walker Brakes with 3” Wheel

Drive Medical Rear Glide Walker Brakes are perfect for individuals looking for walker brakes that are nimbler and more functional. These brakes provide more control and stability when you’re on your feet, making them an essential addition to any walker arsenal. With a 3” wheel, these brakes provide more stopping power than most standard walkers, making them ideal for use on uneven terrain or in challenging environments.

These rollator brakes by Drive Medical are also an excellent replacement for old and worn-out rear glides on your walker. They are made from quality materials that will last longer than your old brakes, so you won’t need to worry about a replacement for a long time. Plus, they come in a stylish silver finish to match your walker, keeping them looking good.

Rear Glide Walker Brakes Features

  • Can be easily added to any standard walker.
  • The easy brake activation system
  • 350 lbs. Weight capacity

Rear Glide Walker Brakes Specifications

  • Manufacturers: Drive Medical
  • Dimensions: 14.00"(L) x 3.00"(W) x 1.00"(H)
  • Weight capacity: 350 lbs.
  • Height adjustments: up to 8
  • Model number: 10106
  • SKU: DRI-10106
  • UPC: 822383100104

Rear Glide Walker Brakes Benefits

There are endless benefits to using a Drive Medical Rear Glide Walker Brakes with 3” Wheels, and the most notable are:

  • Improved safety. These brakes provide superior stopping power, making them a safer option for those who need to use their walker on uneven or slippery surfaces.
  • Greater mobility. With the extra stability the brakes provide, users can move around more efficiently and less fear of falling.
  • Enhanced durability. The heavy-duty construction of these brakes means they will last longer and resist wear and tear better than standard walker brakes.
  • Reduced repair costs. If a brake becomes damaged, it is much easier to replace it with a Drive Medical brake than a standard walker brake because they are specifically designed for this purpose.
  • Increased efficiency. They are easy to use and operate, making them perfect for anyone who wants an easy way to get around.

Quick Fitting

These Drive Rear Glide Walker Brakes are designed to be easily added to any standard walker. They provide additional safety by quickly fitting at the back of the wheeled walker and are intended for people who need a little more assistance when walking. They are also designed with eight height adjustment holes, allowing users to set them at a comfortable height for more efficient use.

Easy to Use

Whether recovering from an injury or just wanting to stay mobile, these easy-to-use rubber-tip brakes will help you stay safe and mobile. Its 3” wheels are sealed with nylon tips that significantly enhance a walker’s capacity to glide along the floor. And just as the nylon boosts the 3” wheel’s rolling ability, the rubber tips attached to the walker extension augment the brake system make it super easy for users to stop moving effortlessly when needed. The brakes will be activated when weight is applied to the hand grip, allowing safe and quick stops.


With a weight capacity of 350 pounds, Drive Medical Walker Brakes are perfect for prominent walker users that need a durable brake. This makes it easier for users to roam indoors and outdoors without worrying about the brake stopping them in their tracks. Additionally, these brakes are resistant to wear and tear, which means that they’ll continue to provide reliable safety and performance for a long time to come.

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Q: How do the rear glide brakes work?

A: The rear glide brakes can be activated by squeezing the handles, providing immediate stopping power, and preventing the walker from rolling unintentionally.

Q: Can the height of the walker be adjusted?

A: Yes, the walker's height can be easily adjusted to accommodate individuals of different heights for personalized comfort.

Q: Is the walker foldable for easy storage and transportation?

A: Absolutely! The walker features a convenient foldable design, making it compact and portable for hassle-free storage and travel.

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