MOBB Bed Assist Rail


MOBB Bed Assist Rail MOBB Bed Assist Rail is the smartest, safest way for people with mobility and seniors to get in and get out of bed. With our innovative rail...

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MOBB Bed Assist Rail

MOBB Bed Assist Rail is the smartest, safest way for people with mobility and seniors to get in and get out of bed. With our innovative rail design, everyone can easily access the bed without having to climb over or squeeze through tight spaces. Plus, our rails make it easier and safer for seniors to get out of bed by themselves - no more struggling to stand up!

The Mobb bed assist bar can help support users up to 300 lbs. while they sleep, making bed-making a breeze. The rail attaches easily to your bedframe and supports users' feet and legs at the same time, eliminating the need for extra pillows or blankets. Plus, it includes adjustable armrests that comfortably cradle your arms as you rest. And because it's made from durable steel construction, the MOBB Bed Assist Rail can withstand years of use.

Bed Assist Rail features:

  • Help ease into and out of bed
  • Foam rubber grip for comfort and safety
  • Height adjustable to fit most mattresses
  • Safety straps to secure to bedframe
  • Easy to install
  • No tool assembly
  • Supports 300 lbs.

Bed Assist Handle Specifications


16"-20" adjustable



Weight Capacity

300 lbs


Lifetime Limited Warranty

Safety Straps to Secure to Bedframe

The mobbed bed support rail is designed to attach securely to the bedframe, providing support during transport. The Safety straps ensure the rail remains in place and prevents accidental falls. Strapped to the bottom of the bed, this rail helps get in and out is simple and easy - no more climbing up onto the bed on unsteady legs! The bed assist bar is easy to attach and detach, making it perfect for use by people with mobility issues or seniors who are struggling with strength.  

Height Adjustable to Fit Most Mattresses

The Mobb bed support rail is height adjustable to fit most mattresses, so you can customize your sleeping experience. It securely attaches to your mattress and allows you to adjust the height to ensure a comfortable sleeping environment. The bed assist handle also features an ergonomic design with padded grips so you can easily move and reposition it.

Foam Rubber Grip for Comfort and Safety

Mobb Bed Assist Rail is a comfortable, safe way to get in and out of bed. It has a Foam rubber grip for enhanced comfort and safety. With the Mobb bed support rail, you can rest assured that your hands will remain safe and stationary while you are getting help with getting into or out of bed. Its foam rubber grip provides comfort and safety when assisted into or out of bed. The rail helps you get up with minimal effort, making it easier and faster than using your hands.

Easy to Install and No Tool Assembly

Mobb bed support rail is a unique rail system that assists bedridden people or those with limited mobility. It installs quickly and easily with no tool assembly - making it perfect for anyone's home. The rail attaches securely to the bed frame with patented clamps that grip the rails tightly without damaging the bed sheets. With the Mobb bed assist handle, you will have trouble getting out of bed again!

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Q: Can the MOBB Bed Assist Rail accommodate different bed sizes?

A: Yes, the MOBB Bed Assist Rail is designed to fit most bed sizes, including twin, full, queen, and king. Its adjustable height feature ensures that it can be customized to suit various bed heights and preferences. Please ensure that your bed frame or base is compatible with the installation requirements of the bed rail.

Q: Is the MOBB Bed Assist Rail portable and travel-friendly?

A: While the MOBB Bed Assist Rail can be removed and repositioned, it is not specifically designed for frequent travel or portability. It is best suited for long-term use in a home or healthcare setting. If you require a portable bed rail, we recommend exploring other travel-friendly options specifically designed for easy transport and assembly.

Q: Can the bed rail be used by individuals with limited mobility or recovering from surgery?

A: Absolutely! The MOBB Bed Assist Rail is an excellent aid for individuals with limited mobility or those recovering from surgery. It provides the necessary support and stability to safely get in and out of bed, reducing the risk of accidents or strain. Always consult with a healthcare professional to determine if the bed rail is suitable for your specific condition or recovery process.

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