Drive Medical Heavy Duty Bariatric Walker Wheels, 5"


Drive Medical Heavy Duty Bariatric Walker Wheels 5” Walkers provide an easy and comfortable way for people with disabilities to move around, but they can be limiting. Adding a Drive Medical...

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SKU: DRI-10118SV
UPC: 822383173429

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Drive Medical Heavy Duty Bariatric Walker Wheels 5”

Walkers provide an easy and comfortable way for people with disabilities to move around, but they can be limiting. Adding a Drive Medical Heavy Duty Bariatric Walker Wheels to a traditional walker can give the user more freedom and flexibility. These heavy-duty wheels are durable and can support a large weight load, making them ideal for people who are obese or have a severe disability.

These bariatric wheels allow prominent walker users to spruce up their old-style walkers, making them rolling walkers. These additional wheels can help them get around more efficiently, eliminate fatigue and stress from lifting, get more exercise walks, and improve their overall health. With these heavy-duty walker wheels, the functionality of walkers will be much better, increasing the users’ stability and allowing them to move at a faster pace.

Bariatric Walker Wheels Features

  • Additional wheels for improved walker efficiency
  • Easier movement for walker users
  • 5” caster wheels with rear glides
  • Rear glides with caps for smooth sailing on all surfaces
  • 8 height adjustments
  • Dual rubber wheels

Bariatric Walker Wheels Specifications

  • Brand: Drive Medical
  • SKU: DRI-10118SV
  • UPC:822383173429
  • Wheels: 5” Bariatric.
  • Rear Glides: Two sets and Caps.
  • Height Adjustments: Up to 8.
  • Model # 10118SV

Bariatric Walker Wheels Benefits

Adding a Drive Medical Heavy Duty Bariatric Wheels to a walker can provide countless benefits. For one, the wheels can help make navigating tight spaces easier. They can also provide stability and support when using the walker in difficult terrain or uneven surfaces. Plus, they can make travelling much more comfortable – especially if you travel long distances. In short, adding a Drive Medical Heavy Duty Bariatric Wheels to your walker is a great way to make your life easier and more comfortable.

Enhance Maneuverability

These bariatric walker wheels by Drive Medical were designed to enhance the navigation of your old and traditional walker. It has rear glides with caps that will provide smooth sailing on all kinds of surfaces. At the same time, the 5” caster wheels can improve walker efficiency. This design can also help users increase their mobility range with a more enjoyable experience.

Height Adjustable

Drive Medical walker wheels were crafted to be adjustable so that users can choose their preference for their walker. It features eight holes to select where you can customize the height with its push-pin lock system for a more comfortable walk. With easy adjustment, these wheels can accommodate a wide range of people regardless of height, making them a great addition to every walker.

Additional Convenience

These heavy-duty walker wheels are the best choice for upgrading your walker to make walking more convenient. It can allow you to replace the cane tip-like foot of your walker and change it to a wheeled type, providing more effortless movement. Plus, the dual rubber used for the wheels makes the walker add-on incredibly safe and dependable. They are also durable enough to withstand the rigours of use, so you can be sure that it will take a long time before you need a replacement.

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Q: Can these bariatric walker wheels be used on walkers from other brands?

A: The Drive Medical Heavy Duty Bariatric Walker Wheels are specifically designed to fit Drive Medical walkers. While they may fit some walkers from other brands, it is recommended to check compatibility or consult with the manufacturer before use.

Q: Can I install these bariatric walker wheels on my existing walker?

A: Yes, these wheels are designed for easy installation on compatible Drive Medical walkers. Simply follow the included instructions to securely attach the wheels to your walker.

Q: Are these bariatric walker wheels suitable for outdoor use?

A: Yes, the larger 5" wheels are designed to provide improved maneuverability on various terrains, including outdoor surfaces. However, it is important to exercise caution and assess the terrain's suitability for safe walking.

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