TheraPearl Eye Mask


TheraPearl Eye Mask Dry eyes, allergies, headaches, pain in the sinuses, puffy eyes - name them all, and get your TheraPearl eye mask to tend them! You’ll be amazed at how...

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TheraPearl Eye Mask

Dry eyes, allergies, headaches, pain in the sinuses, puffy eyes - name them all, and get your TheraPearl eye mask to tend them! You’ll be amazed at how quickly your symptoms disappear with this 2-in-1 product. Thera pearl eye gel pack can be used as a cold or hot therapy, allowing you to choose which is suited for your condition and preference.

It is ideal for quick relief of pain and inflammation of the eye, as a part of rehabilitation, or even when you just need to relax after a long tiring day. It is easy to prepare and use by just heating or freezing them, wearing them, and letting it do the job! Not only it relieves symptoms quickly, but it can also help improve eye health over time, saving you from surgery and medications.

Eye Mask Features

  • Conforms to the eyes to deliver soothing relief from dry eyes, headaches, sinuses, puffy eyes, and more.
  • The elastic strap keeps the wrap in place.
  • Soft gel beads can be quickly heated or frozen, retaining its temperature for 20 minutes.
  • The reusable wrap is non-toxic 

Eye Mask Usage

TheraPearl should only be applied to the relief area for the doctor’s recommended time of 20 minutes. Remove and wait for another 20 minutes and reapply the pack if needed.

TheraPearl For Cold Therapy

  • Freeze for at least 4 hours 

TheraPearl For Hot Therapy

  • Heat in microwave as per below specified time and test the pack temperature
  • Heat additional 5 secs until the desired temperature is reached 

Suggested heating time: 700 watts - 18 seconds. 1000 Watts - 15 seconds. 1200 Watts - 12 seconds.

Eye Mask Benefits

The benefits of using a TheraPearl Eye Mask are numerous, and some of these benefits are:

  • It works to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, dark circles, puffiness, and tired eyes.
  • It can help improve circulation and alleviate headaches. 
  • It can soothe irritated skin and improve the clarity of vision.
  • It can keep your eyes fresh and hydrated, preventing any headaches or eyestrain later in the evening. 
  • It's cooling, and moistening effect on the eyes relieves dryness and itching.
  • It helps improve sleep quality by providing deep rest for your eyes and brain.

Pliant and Fits Snugly

This sleeping eye pad of TheraPearl provides soothing relief from various eye problems, including dry eyes, headaches, sinuses, puffy eyes, and more. It is designed to conform perfectly to the contours of the eyes for lasting comfort and protection even when frozen! This eye cover also fits snugly to the head thanks to its elastic strap, allowing it to stay in place no matter how much you move. The wide size of the wrap and the elasticity of its strap makes this eye mask suitable for all sizes of users, ensuring it will fit them without a problem.

Quick Heating and Freezing Gel Beads

TheraPearl eye mask is filled with unique soft gel beads that quickly heat and freeze to deliver the relief you are longing for. Heat it in the microwave or freeze it in the freezer, and it will retain its temperature for approximately 20 minutes, which is the doctor’s recommendation for effective and safe usage. Cold therapy can relieve dry, puffy eyes and those wicked sinus headaches. It can also take the sting out of a brow wax and reduces swelling after a cosmetic procedure.  At the same time, the hot therapy helps to reduce nasal congestion and relieves soreness once the swelling is gone. With these versatile gel beads, you can enjoy the benefits of hot and cold therapy, making it a cost-effective solution to your eye problems.

Safe for Repeated Use

TheraPearl eye mask is a reusable eye cover designed to be safe even with daily use. It is made from durable materials that can withstand the alternating temperature of hot and cold as well as the daily wear and tear of frequent usage. More importantly, the materials used are non-toxic; they are latex-free, BPA-free, and phthalate-free, ensuring the safety of users, especially those with skin sensitivities.

Halo Healthcare offers a wide variety of hot and cold compresses in Canada and the US, so you can decide which is best. 


Q: How long should I use the TheraPearl Eye Mask?

A: The recommended usage time is around 10-15 minutes per session. However, you can adjust the duration based on your personal preference and the specific needs of your eyes. It's important to listen to your body and avoid excessive or prolonged use.

Q: Can the TheraPearl Eye Mask be used for both hot and cold therapy?

A: Yes, the TheraPearl Eye Mask is designed for dual functionality. You can use it as a cold compress by placing it in the refrigerator or freezer. Likewise, you can heat it in the microwave for a warm compress. Always follow the provided instructions for safe and effective usage.

Q:  How should I clean the TheraPearl Eye Mask?

A: To clean the eye mask, wipe it gently with a damp cloth or sponge. Avoid immersing it in water or using harsh chemicals. Make sure to dry it thoroughly before storage. Proper maintenance will help extend the lifespan of your TheraPearl Eye Mask.

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