Relaxus Reflex-O-Foot Wooden Foot Massage Roller


Relaxus Reflex-O-Foot Wooden Foot Massage Roller Relaxus Reflex-O-Foot Roller is your go-to solution for combating foot fatigue. Relaxus Reflex-O-Foot Roller is the perfect solution to increase blood flow, relieve joint and...

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SKU: REL-L3683
UPC: 628949036838

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Relaxus Reflex-O-Foot Wooden Foot Massage Roller

Relaxus Reflex-O-Foot Roller is your go-to solution for combating foot fatigue. Relaxus Reflex-O-Foot Roller is the perfect solution to increase blood flow, relieve joint and muscle fatigue, and revive your tired arches. With its ergonomic design, this foot roller helps you massage away tension and pain, allowing you to enjoy a moment of relaxation. Its textured surface will give your feet the necessary deep tissue massage they need while stimulating pressure points with each roll of the ball.

The wooden foot roller massager is the perfect tool to relieve muscle tension and fatigue from spending long hours on their feet or participating in strenuous activities. Perfect for athletes, hikers, runners, and professionals alike, this innovative roller helps increase circulation and reduce pain in tired legs and feet. Its advanced design features ergonomic nodules that massage the soles of your feet while stimulating reflex points on your lower legs to provide a deep tissue massage.

Foot Roller Massager Features

  • Small enough to take anywhere
  • Replicates the work of a Reflexologist
  • Rigid and tough massage miniature finger construction provides unbreakable therapy for any occasion.
  • Helps increase blood flow
  • Helps to relieve joint and muscle fatigue
  • Helps revive sore arches

Foot Roller Specifications

  • Size: 23 cm or 9 inches
  • Material: Wood
  • SKU: REL-L3683
  • UPC: 628949036838
  • Dimensions: 9"x 7"x 4"

Small Enough to Take Anywhere

Relaxus wooden foot roller is a revolutionary way to naturally improve circulation, reduce foot pain and relax muscles. The wooden foot massager's unique design allows you to take it anywhere, as it’s small enough to fit in your pocket or bag. Its portability makes it an ideal companion for a busy lifestyle, while its design features make it easy to use anywhere. With just a few simple entries, the Relaxus Reflex-O-Foot Roller can relax tense muscles, stimulate circulation, and relieve stress on your feet in minutes. In addition, the roller is durable and made from a soft foam that massages and stimulates the soles of the feet, providing soothing relief after a long day spent on your feet.

Replicates the Work of a Reflexologist

Experience the power of reflexology in the comfort of your own home with the Relaxus Reflex-O-Foot Roller. The Reflex-O Foot Roller replicates the pushing and releasing of a Reflexologist’s fingers; massage nodes target foot pressure points and revitalize tired feet.  With less than 10 minutes a day, you can enjoy a deep, penetrating massage at three different intensity settings that stimulate nerve endings to help reduce tension and stress levels. The ergonomic design is comfortable, making it easy to use while lying on your bed or couch.

Rigid and Tough Massage Miniature Finger Construction for Unbreakable Therapy 

The foot roller massager offers unbelievable therapeutic massage in a powerful and unbreakable package. Its rigid, tough miniature finger construction provides the perfect intensity for any area of the body that needs relief from tension, stress, or fatigue. The roller is ideal for anyone looking to target specific muscle knots or release aches and pains after an intense workout. With its reliable and durable design, it's sure to provide you with long-lasting comfort when used regularly.


Gently roll one foot over the roller while in a comfortable seated position. Switch over to the other foot after 10-15 minutes. If your feet are sore and looking for some relief, try the Relaxus Reflex-O-Foot Roller.

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Q: How long should I use the Reflex-O-Foot Massage Roller for each session?

A: We recommend starting with 5-10 minutes per session and gradually increasing the duration based on your comfort level. Listen to your body and adjust accordingly. It's important not to overuse it to avoid any discomfort.

Q: Can the Reflex-O-Foot Massage Roller be used by anyone?

A: Yes, the Reflex-O-Foot Massage Roller is suitable for most individuals. However, if you have any existing foot conditions or concerns, it's advisable to consult with a healthcare professional before using this product. They can provide personalized guidance based on your specific needs.

Q: Can the Reflex-O-Foot Massage Roller be used on bare feet or with socks on?

A: The Reflex-O-Foot Massage Roller can be used with or without socks, depending on your personal preference. Some individuals may prefer direct contact with the textured nodes, while others may find it more comfortable to wear socks. Experiment with both options to find what works best for you.

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