MOBB Fractured Bedpan


MOBB Fractured Bedpan Mobbed Fractured Bedpan is a portable, autoclaved bedpan that helps those who suffer from bedwetting avoid the embarrassment of wetting their clothes. The Mobbed Fractured Bedpan is easy...

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MOBB Fractured Bedpan

Mobbed Fractured Bedpan is a portable, autoclaved bedpan that helps those who suffer from bedwetting avoid the embarrassment of wetting their clothes. The Mobbed Fractured Bedpan is easy to clean with either a chemical or autoclave, making it one of the most necessary items for those suffering from bedwetting. In addition, our fracture resistant design makes it the perfect bedpan for those with arthritis or other mobility issues.

The hip fracture bedpan is the perfect solution for bedpan users who want to avoid spills and worry about using a method that is uncomfortable or difficult. The wide plastic guard prevents spills, while the tapered end makes placement easy and ensures that the bedpan can be used easily, without any concern of spillage. In addition, they are durable and easy to clean, making them ideal for patients who may have trouble moving around.

 Fracture Pan Features

  • The MOBB Fractured Bedpan is an ideal product for individuals suffering from leg and hip fractures or recovering from hip replacement.
  • This bedpan can easily be positioned, autoclaved, or chemically cleaned if required.
  • The tapered end of this product enables easy placement.
  • The plastic guard offers protection from spills and stains.
  • The built-in handle makes it extremely easy to place and remove the bedpan.
  • This product comes with a lid for convenient usage.

Can Be Easily Positioned

Mobbed Fractured Bedpan is unique and helpful because it can be easily slid underneath the user without lifting them or changing their position. It can easily go under the user from the front. The need of turning the user is almost eliminated. This helps reduce the chances of reinjuring the fracture and reduces discomfort. A fractured hip bedpan can be easily positioned, ensuring that you stay in a comfortable position while relieving yourself.

The solution to Protect You from Unpleasant Odors, Spills and Stains

MOBB fractured hip bedpan is the perfect product for a complete solution to protecting their bedding from unpleasant odours, spills, and stains. With its lid and plastic guard, MOBB Fractured Bedpan provides peace of mind while you're sleeping, making it the perfect choice for anyone who wants to get the most out of their bedding.

Built-In Handle for Quick and Convenient Placing and Removal of the Bedpan

MobB Fractured Bedpans provide an easy and convenient way to place and remove bedpans. The built-in handle makes it quick and easy to grab the bedpan, whether you're standing or sitting.  The unique design allows for a more comfortable and secure grip, which can make bowel movements easier and more comfortable. Plus, the angled design provides an ergonomic fit that reduces pressure on your wrists.

Durable and Easy to Clean

The Mobb fracture pan is designed for bedridden patients and is durable and easy to clean. They provide an elevated sitting area and can easily slide underneath the bed. Fracture bedpans are ideal for those who cannot move around, as they provide a raised area that allows for more comfortable sleeping.

Smaller Hip Fracture Bedpan

This Fractured Bedpan fundamentally changes the way beds are used for patients with serious injuries. This product takes advantage of modern medical technology to provide an ergonomic and comfortable experience for those who need it most. Patients can now rest assured that they are being treated with the latest in fracture care technology.

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Q: Is the Fractured Bedpan suitable for individuals of all sizes?

A: The Fractured Bedpan is designed to accommodate individuals of various sizes. Its contoured shape and spacious design provide a comfortable fit for most users. However, it is recommended to check the product specifications to ensure proper sizing for individual needs.

Q: Can the bedpan be used with a commode chair?

A: Yes, the Fractured Bedpan can be used with most commode chairs. Its design allows for easy placement and removal from the chair, providing a seamless transition between bed and chair toileting.

Q: Can the Fractured Bedpan be used for both male and female users?

A: Yes, the bedpan is suitable for both male and female users. It's ergonomic design and comfortable seating surface make it versatile for use by individuals of any gender.

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