Drive Medical Suction Cup Grab Bar 12" - White & Beige | 822383580876 | RTL13083
Drive Medical Suction Cup Grab Bar 12" - White & Beige | 822383580876 | RTL13083
Drive Medical Suction Cup Grab Bar 12" - White & Beige -

Drive Medical Suction Cup Grab Bar 12" - White & Beige


Drive Medical Suction Cup Grab Bar 12” - White & Beige Drive Medical Suction Cup Grab Bar is a bathroom accessory that can assist you in gaining more balance. You can...

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UPC: 822383580876

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Drive Medical Suction Cup Grab Bar 12” - White & Beige

Drive Medical Suction Cup Grab Bar is a bathroom accessory that can assist you in gaining more balance. You can hold onto it when you are getting up from the bathtub, before and after using the toilet, walking to a wet surface, or in any situation where you need to avoid the risk of slippage. With this grab bar, your bathroom can be a safe place for everyone who will use it.

This suction shower grab bar is ideal for individuals with stability issues prone to accidents when not assisted. It can be a big help for them to independently go to the bathroom to enjoy a private moment when urinating, discharging, and taking a bath. In addition, this accessory can make your bathroom more elegant with its white and beige colour combination, which can match any bathroom design.

Suction Cup Grab Bar Features

  • Colour indicators ensure safe and secure installation. A green display means the grab bar is secure and ready for use, and red colour will be displayed if the seal is not airtight.
  • Featuring a non-slip rubber grip and moulded handle finger grips on the underside for additional safety and security
  • Easy to install or remove with locking latches that secure the grab bar into place.

Suction Cup Grab Bar Caution

  • This grab bar is to be used as a balance assist only.
  • It is not intended to support body weight, and body weight should not be applied to the grab bar. (If a device is required to bear any body weight or is used for leverage, it is recommended that a traditional, permanently mounted grab bar be installed.)
  • Before every use, make sure the grab bar is securely attached. If it can be moved or feels loose, flip up the latches and reattach following these instructions.
  • Ensure that reattachment is secure before use. 

Suction Cup Grab Bar Benefits

The benefits of this Drive Medical Suction Cup Grab Bar are numerous; some of them are:

  • It can help improve overall efficiency and productivity in the bathroom.
  • Attaching at any angle without tools and damaging the tiles is easy.
  • It can make the bathroom experience a worry-free one.
  • It can help prevent further injuries to the user.
  • It can be a confidence booster for the user.
  • It can be easily transferred to any location it is needed.
  • It can also be brought when travelling, keeping you safe and confident in every bathroom visit.

Unique Safety Indicators

These suction cup grab bars were designed with a coloured indicator system, where you could see if you installed them correctly or need to redo the process to make them safe to use. Green colour will appear on both sides of the bar handle if done correctly, and if the seal is not airtight, a red colour will occur then. This feature can help as a safety guide for the bathroom tool, allowing you to be worry-free after knowing that you installed it correctly and securely. Plus, it has large suction cups, providing a great stronghold that fits on 4" tiles or bigger.

Reliable Grip Bar

These bathtub grab bars by Drive Medical were constructed with a non-slip rubber grip, which is gentle to the user's hand and comfortable to hold on to. This non-slip feature is an additional safety for the user, even if their hands are wet.  On the underside of the handle, it has moulded handle finger grips where users can quickly recognize where to place each of their fingers, ensuring they can reliably put their hold on it. 

Convenient Installation

These suction grab bars are user-friendly safety bars that are easy to install in every bathroom. It is also easy to remove, for it has only a locking latches system where you will simply release the levers to attach or detach the product. This feature allows users to conveniently transfer the grab bar to a suitable area anytime they want.

Halo Healthcare offers a wide variety of Bathroom Safety in Canada and the US, so you can decide which is best for you.


Q: Can the Drive Medical Suction Cup Grab Bar be used on textured surfaces?

A: No, the suction cups are designed to adhere to smooth, non-porous surfaces. They may not provide a secure grip on textured or uneven surfaces. It is recommended to install the grab bar only on suitable surfaces for optimal performance.

Q: Can the grab bar be relocated to different positions within the bathroom?

A: Yes, one of the advantages of the suction cup design is its portability. The grab bar can be easily removed and repositioned as needed. Ensure that the new surface is clean and dry before attaching the suction cups for a secure hold.

Q: How should the suction cups be cleaned to maintain their suction power?

A: To maintain optimal suction power, regularly clean the suction cups with mild soap and warm water. Ensure that both the suction cups and the surface they will adhere to are free from any dirt, debris, or soap residue before installation. This helps ensure a secure and reliable grip.

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