Dr. Scholl's Odour Destroyers Sneaker Treater Spray 133 g


Dr. Scholl’s® Odor Destroyers® Sneaker Treater® Spray 133 g Greetings, sneaker lovers! If you’re anything like us, you love putting your feet up and hitting the slopes in your sneakers but...

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Dr. Scholl’s® Odor Destroyers® Sneaker Treater® Spray 133 g

Greetings, sneaker lovers! If you’re anything like us, you love putting your feet up and hitting the slopes in your sneakers but hate the smell that comes with it after a long day of work. Better check out Dr. Scholl’s Odor Destroyers Sneaker Treater Spray – it can help eliminate that unhealthy odour quickly and easily! Whether you’re at work, out at the park, or just living your everyday life, this spray will take care of everything!

Dr. Scholl’s odour destroyer spray is specially formulated to protect against foot odour and absorb moisture. The product can help to stop the build-up of foot odour and prevent it from emanating from your shoes. This Dr. Scholl’s odour destroyer is easy to use and effective, making it the perfect solution for those with foot odour and wet feet!

Odour Destroyer Spray Features 

  • It helps in reducing odour from the foot instantly
  • Tough on odour all-day
  • Shoe deodorant for lasting freshness
  • Enjoy fresh-smelling sneakers
  • Absorbs excess moisture to control wetness to help prevent odour.
  • It comes in a convenient spray bottle for ease of application.

Odour Destroyer Spray Benefits

The Odor Destroyer sneaker treatment spray 133 g has many benefits for people who have to deal with bad odour. The spray effectively destroys any shoes’ bad odour and does so in a short amount of time. The spray can also help to improve hygiene, reduce stress levels and improve moods. Plus, it is very affordable and comes in a handy spray bottle.


Dr. Scholl’s Odor Destroyer is a fast-acting solution that can help in reducing the foul odor from your favorite shoes. This product can quickly help eliminate any embarrassing smell associated with footwear. By using this effective treatment, you’ll be confident in enjoying your footwear without any issues. So get yourself a bottle of Dr. Scholl’s Odor Destroyers Sneaker Treater Spray today, and enjoy your shoes once again without any worry!

Long Lasting Freshness

Odour elimination is an essential step in keeping your shoes smelling fresh all day long. This Dr. Scholl’s Odor Destroyers Sneaker Treater Spray provides a long-lasting solution for fresh sneakers. This spray is tough on odour, allowing you to enjoy your sneakers for hours without worrying about the smell!

Moisture Absorbent

Don’t let anything hold you back from having the perfect summer day – try Dr. Scholl’s Sneaker Treater Spray today! It is designed to be the very best in moisture absorbency; it absorbs excess moisture to help prevent odour and helps control wetness for neat and tidy sneakers!

Convenient Spray Bottle

This sneaker treatment spray comes in a convenient 133g spray bottle. This spray bottle allows for easy application, so you can go about your day with just a quick spray. With this product, you can deal with any type of foul odour, whether it’s from sweaty feet or your shoes have been in the rain. Simply spray it directly on the inside of the shoes and let the product work its magic.


Always read and follow the label to see if it suits you. Check with your physician prior to use. 

Halo Healthcare offers various Shoes & Footcare products in Canada and the US, so you can decide which is best.


Q: Is the Sneaker Treater® Spray safe for use on all types of shoe materials?

A: Absolutely! Dr. Scholl's® Sneaker Treater® Spray is designed to be safe for use on a variety of shoe materials, including leather, canvas, and synthetic fabrics.

Q: How often should I use the Sneaker Treater® Spray?

A: For best results, we recommend using the Sneaker Treater® Spray regularly, especially after extended wear or physical activities to keep your shoes smelling fresh.

Q: Is the Sneaker Treater® Spray suitable for sensitive skin?

A: Yes, the Sneaker Treater® Spray is formulated to be gentle and suitable for most individuals. However, if you have specific skin sensitivities, we recommend doing a patch test before extensive use.

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