Zincofax    Zincofax is a product developed by Paladin Lab's...
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Zincofax 15% Fragrance-Free Ointment -  ZF-1002

Zincofax 15% Fragrance-Free Ointment

$5.00 – $7.00
Zincofax 40% Extra Strength Ointment 100 grams -  ZF-1003-001

Zincofax 40% Extra Strength Ointment 100 grams

Zincofax Ointment 15% Original - 50 grams | 628791005105

Zincofax Ointment 15% Original

$5.00 – $8.00


Zincofax is a product developed by Paladin Lab's of Montreal who have provided Canadians innovations in oral health, pain relief, and other personal care items.

About Zincofax

Zincofax is an effective and popular treatment for diaper rash that was developed in 1945. Zincofax is rich and creamy and comes in Original, Extra-Strength and Fragrance-free formulas.  It glides smoothly on the skin to form a protective barrier --- and for added convenience, it also comes in jars, tubes and spray.

Zincofax products are dedicated to reducing and eliminating diaper rash. Shop from a range of cream, wipes and solutions that have been voted as the #1 pharmacist-recommended brand of diaper rash creams.

Used by parents for generations, Zincofax remains a changing table staple across Canada.

What is diaper rash and how is it caused?

Diaper rash can sometimes occur in babies and young children when their skin is exposed to wet or soiled diapers for any length of time.

The moisture in the diaper can irritate sensitive skin, and diaper rash is a very common condition in babies and young infants.

Zincofax and other diaper rash creams help to reduce the irritation and inflammation of the skin in the affected area by providing a barrier between the skin and the moisture that causes the irritation.

Some common symptoms include sore and red skin and occasionally also include blotches and pimple irritations.

If your baby is suffering from diaper rash, Zincofax can help provided added protection for sensitive skin.