Resultz Lice have a waxy covering on a hard shell...
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Resultz Head Lice Treatment - Packaging | 828925150132, 828925150149

Resultz Head Lice Treatment

$17.00 – $32.00


Lice have a waxy covering on a hard shell that protects their body from losing water through evaporation. The loss of too much water from their body will cause them to die.

About Resultz Products

RESULTZ contains isopropyl myristate, a common ingredient in many cosmetic products. Isopropyl myristate dissolves the waxy shell of lice, causing water loss from their body. Once they lose this protective layer, the lice dehydrate, become immobile and die. It’s important that all lice on the infested person’s head are in contact with RESULTZ to ensure it will work effectively.

Because RESULTZ works differently from other commonly used head lice treatments, it may also be an effective treatment in those cases where others have failed.