Top 5 Things to Remember When Purchasing Amoena Bras

Top 5 Things to Remember When Purchasing Amoena Bras
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Are you unsure of what to look for when purchasing Amoena bras? Learn about the 5 things to remember before purchasing in this handy guide.

There are plenty of challenges that come along with a mastectomy or lumpectomy, but finding a comfortable, stylish bra doesn't have to be one of them. There are so many different kinds out there - strapless, sport, leisure, and seduction, just to name a few. So how will you choose?

Enter Amoena bras, top-of-the-line garments with options to meet your unique needs. Like most women, you might not be quite sure where to start. Read on for five things to consider to help take the guesswork out of the purchase of your next post-operative mastectomy bra.

Top 5 Things to Remember When Purchasing Amoena Bras

1. Casual, Exercise, or Formal

We all know why women wear bras, but it's also important to determine the secondary purpose of every bra you buy before you buy it.  Doing so will help you figure out which specific bra will best suit your needs. 

There is nothing like the feeling of finding the perfect strapless dress to wear to an expensive dinner date only to realize that you don't yet have a strapless mastectomy bra!

Hanging out around the house or going grocery shopping?  For casual, everyday wear, a bra with a cup and no underwire might feel best.  While Amoena bras are always stylish, leisure bras put comfort first.

But if you are going to the gym or to a black-tie gala, the secondary purpose of your bra changes.  Some outfit choices require support that is discreet while others call for more controlled, rigid support.

Bras used for everyday wear, exercise, and formal wear all carry slightly different goals, so choosing an appropriate bra with a slightly different design for each of these life events is important.

2. Fabric Options

One thing all Amoena bras have in common is soft, comfortable fabric, but which design and pattern you choose is up to you!  You will find many different options, from simple and seamless to lacy and fancy - and everything in between.

It is worth considering here the fabric of the garment worn over the bra.  For example, more ornate patterns can sometimes show through thin clothing, so a smooth fabric is necessary. 

Do you have sensitive skin or sensory concerns?  Considering a smoother fabric can help cut down on concerns of irritation.

3. What's Your Style?

Your Amoena post-surgery bra has the potential to be as individual as you are, so have some fun with it and choose one that fits your personality as well as your needs.

For some women unhooking a bra that fastens in the back is a challenge in the early postoperative period, so Amoena offers bras that fasten in the front.

Will you be wearing a light-colored shirt?  A dark one?  There are a variety of colors to choose from so that you can rest assured no fashion faux pas is committed.

Sometimes dresses and tank tops require bra straps to be thin.  There are options for that.  Other times you might prefer your straps be a bit more showy.  There are options for that, too.

There is no reason that having a mastectomy or lumpectomy should take away your stylistic options when it comes to lingerie.  You deserve to feel comfortable in your bra.

4. The Right Fit

It is vital for your comfort as well as your look to make sure your bra fits properly.

Ultimately, a proper fit determines whether you will love or hate your bra.  No one wants to be uncomfortable!  Ideally, bras offer the type of support that allows the wearer to forget they are even wearing one.

Amoena bras make this part especially easy.  Their bras feature adjustable shoulder straps to help keep your breast form in place and prevent sliding.  Their bras also have pockets with different options and configurations to accommodate your needs in inserting and positioning your breast form(s).

You will know your bra fits properly when the band- which should be relatively firm - doesn't ride up your back with wear.  It should always stay in a straight line across your back.

The shoulder straps of your Amoena post-surgery bra should never dig into your skin.  If they do, it is an indicator that the straps themselves are performing the role of supporting instead of positioning.  Adjustment for better support is required.

Additionally, your bra should always sit on - or at least very near - your skin.  If there are any significant gaps between the fabric and your body, don't fret!  You probably just need to go down a cup size to achieve better support.

5. Amoena Bras - Online or In-Store?

While purchasing a bra in person is a valid option, buying online has several benefits.

- Selection: buying bras online often offers access to a wider range of styles, sizes, and colors than in-person inventory.  Brick and mortar stores are limited to what products they can keep in stock at any given time.  Online retailers have more flexibility, which gives you more options.

- Ease: order with the click of a button.  Less time spent out of the house shopping for bras means more time doing what you want while wearing one.

- Already know your fit?  Great!  There is no need to spend the extra time it takes to be measured in-store when you already know what you're looking for.  Purchasing bras online gives you the freedom to spend more time browsing at your leisure.

- Reviews: another thing online retailers can provide that in-person stores often can't is access to customer reviews.  Browsing reviews before an online purchase puts you in charge of where you spend your money.  At the same time, leaving a review after a purchase helps make things easier for the next customer.

Final Thoughts

It can be overwhelming to choose the right mastectomy bra.  On top of that, you already have enough to handle post-operatively.  To make things easier on you, we have taken a lot of the guesswork out of this sometimes daunting task by offering Amoena bras directly from our website.  With that part already done, you can focus on finding the bra that best meets your needs so that you can live your life with comfort and confidence.

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