FitterFirst Bongo Balance Board


FitterFirst Bongo Balance Board FitterFirst Bongo Board is a new balancing equipment that can greatly improve one’s balance and concentration in a more advanced way. It has a double ball bearing...

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FitterFirst Bongo Balance Board

FitterFirst Bongo Board is a new balancing equipment that can greatly improve one’s balance and concentration in a more advanced way. It has a double ball bearing wheel system, allowing two halves of the roller to spin independently for rocking in a 360 degrees movement. This training tool is for moderate to high-level users, meaning a spotter is recommended for beginners for fall accidents that might happen to them.

This bongo balance board is ideal for athletic training, family fitness, and action sports training, which can help them to stay fit and excel more in their activities. It can also help users to do CrossFit training and have advanced development of reaction time. This board exerciser is also made portable, so it can be brought conveniently anywhere you want to and use anytime.

Bongo Board Features

  • Made from maple plywood with an ABS undercarriage
  • Urethane roller with polypropylene center and rubber nylon bungee cord
  • Bumpers on either end for added safety
  • Weight capacity of 350 lbs.

Bongo Board Benefits

FitterFirst exercise balance board has many benefits in maximizing users’ balancing skills. Listed below are some of its benefits:

  • It allows for end-to-end movement and heel-to-toe rocking and rotation
  • It can help improve core strength and stability
  • It can increase balance, proprioception, and responsiveness
  • It can be a fun way to train and do your exercise.
  • It can provide the highest challenge, risk, and reward.

High-Quality Board

The bongo board platform was constructed using maple plywood and designed like the regular skateboard used to do some tricks, ensuring that this product is extremely tough enough to handle your weight while exercising. Maplewood plywood is more substantial than steel when it comes to static bending strength, making it durable even putting much weight on one side, so you can be sure that this product will last for years, even with daily use. In addition, it also has an ABS undercarriage for add-on support and safety and can accommodate weights up to 350 lbs.

Reliable Fragments

This bongo board balance by FitterFirst has a urethane roller with a polypropylene center that is excellent for heavy loads, especially people’s weight. It also has corrosion and wear-resistant properties, making it durable and long-lasting. Another part of this product is its rubber nylon bungee cord for added safety, making it easy to transport to another vicinity like the gym. With all these parts carefully put together, this bongo board is sure to be durable and will be able to last through many uses.

Safety Bumpers

FitterFirst bongo board was installed with bumpers on each side below for the security of the wheels to stay in their designated area. This is an essential feature, especially for beginners who will practice their balance and usually bump the wheels on it. Also, it is an added safety to the user and control to the board, keeping them away from accidents.

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Q: Is the Bongo Balance Board suitable for beginners?

A: Yes, the Bongo Balance Board is suitable for beginners. It provides adjustable difficulty levels, allowing beginners to start with a wider base for added stability and gradually progress to narrower settings as their balance and strength improve.

Q: How does the Bongo Balance Board benefit athletes?

A: Athletes can benefit greatly from the Bongo Balance Board. It enhances balance, stability, and core strength, which are essential for optimal performance in sports. By training on the balance board, athletes can improve their agility, reaction time, and overall body control.

Q: Can the Bongo Balance Board be used for rehabilitation purposes?

A: Yes, the Bongo Balance Board can be used for rehabilitation purposes. It helps in recovering from ankle, knee, and hip injuries by improving balance, stability, and proprioception. However, it's important to consult with a healthcare professional or physical therapist for guidance on specific rehabilitation exercises.

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