SafetySure Patient Transfer Slide - Unpadded


SafetySure Patient Transfer Slide - Unpadded The SafetySure Transfer Slide is the ultimate transfer aid that helps caregivers lift and move patients safely and efficiently. With its innovative frictionless inner liner,...

Size: Small

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SKU: MTS-2032
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SafetySure Patient Transfer Slide - Unpadded

The SafetySure Transfer Slide is the ultimate transfer aid that helps caregivers lift and move patients safely and efficiently. With its innovative frictionless inner liner, you can enjoy smooth transfers with minimal strain on your back. The lightweight design also makes it easy to maneuver around tight spaces, giving you a seamless transition from one place to another. That means less strain on both you and your patient, allowing for maximum comfort during the process.

Our patient transfer slide board is the perfect solution for those who need assistance with transfers, boosting and turning. It makes it possible to move safely from one surface to another without any undue effort or risk of injury. Its lightweight design allows for easy storage when not in use, making it ideal for both homecare and professional settings.

Patient Transfer Slide Board Features

  • Unpadded
  • The Safety Sure Transfer Slide (SST Slide) performs a multitude of tasks
  • Rolling turning, moving up in bed, and transferring from one surface to another
  • Facilitates easy and smooth transfers due to the slick inner surface of the slide
  • Can be used with Safety Sure Transfer Boards, tub seats, or transfer benches for independent or assisted patient transfers
  • Turn or adjust patient's position in bed

SafetySure Transfer Slide Board is primarily used for

  • Moving an individual up in bed
  • Turning an individual in bed
  • Transfers between bed and wheelchair

Patient Transfer Slide Board Specifications

Available in three sizes - small, medium, and large.













Patient Transfer Slide Positioning

The SSTS is placed under the part of the individual’s body to be moved.  The center of the SSTS should cover the heaviest or lowest lying body part and be placed so that it will slide itself in the direction of the transfer.  It is best to place the SSTS underneath a drawsheet which is then used to move the individual.  The easiest way to remove the SSTS is to pull the lower portion and allow it to slide out from the individual’s body.  

Turn or Adjust Patients Position in Bed

The patient slide board eliminates the need for manual lifting and moving of patients in bed, providing a safe and comfortable experience. This easy-to-use product allows caregivers to effortlessly adjust patient positions with minimal effort. Its durable construction is designed for long-term use, making it a reliable choice for healthcare professionals handling patient transfers. With its convenient non-slip surface and ergonomic handle design, caregivers can be assured that their patients are being handled safely and gently during transfers.

Moving a Patient up in Bed (Boosting)

The patient transfer slide provides a fast and efficient method of turning or adjusting patients in bed. Perfect for caregivers, the slide eliminates the need for heavy lifting and manual transferring. It offers incredible stability with its non-skid surface, allowing caregivers to move patients with ease and confidence. Its strong construction ensures that it is durable enough for daily use, making it the perfect solution for medical professionals who work with multiple patients on a regular basis.

Transfer from Bed to Wheelchair and Vice Versa

Safetysure transfer slide also helps to place a small cushion or a Safety Sure Transfer Board between the bed and the wheelchair to provide a smooth transfer surface. Transfers from a wheelchair to a bed usually involve an upward movement since most beds cannot be lowered to enough to provide a horizontal transfer.  To make this type of transfer, the caregiver should stand in a position that will allow the individual to be pulled inward toward the caregiver's hips.  

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Q: How do I use the SafetySure Patient Transfer Slide - Unpadded?

A: To use the transfer slide, position it under the patient, ensuring that the non-slip base is securely in contact with the surface. Gently and slowly transfer the patient along the slide, utilizing the low-friction surface to minimize resistance and facilitate smooth movement.

Q: Can the SafetySure Patient Transfer Slide - Unpadded accommodate different patient sizes?

A: Yes, the transfer slide is designed to accommodate patients of various sizes. Its generous dimensions ensure that it can support and facilitate transfers for a wide range of individuals. However, it is essential to consider individual needs and consult with healthcare professionals for personalized recommendations.

Q:  Can the SafetySure Patient Transfer Slide - Unpadded be used on different surfaces?

A: Absolutely! The transfer slide is versatile and can be used on various surfaces, including beds, chairs, and vehicles. Its non-slip base ensures stability and security, allowing for seamless transfers across different environments.

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