Relaxus Nordic Walking & Hiking Poles


Relaxus Nordic Walking & Hiking Poles Relaxus Nordic Walking & Hiking Poles bring a new level of comfort and ease to your outdoor adventures. With its premium construction and adjustable design,...

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Relaxus Nordic Walking & Hiking Poles

Relaxus Nordic Walking & Hiking Poles bring a new level of comfort and ease to your outdoor adventures. With its premium construction and adjustable design, you can take your walking and hiking adventures to new heights in comfort and convenience. Plus, you can use the poles to help manage workout intensity levels throughout your journey.

The hiking poles extend from 30" to 53" in length, giving them an excellent range and the ability to work well for anyone of any height. The telescopic shafts are made from high-grade aluminum alloy, which is lightweight yet incredibly durable for long-lasting performance. And when retracted, it is small enough to fit in luggage or backpacks for easy transport wherever you go!

Nordic Walking Poles Features

  • Aluminum construction that is lightweight
  • The wrist strap is adjustable and quick-release.
  • Molded grip with extended compression for uneven surfaces.
  • Cork handles keep hands dry while providing a comfortable grip.
  • When retracted, it is small enough to fit in luggage or backpacks.
  • In-built anti-shock suspension with ON/OFF switch.
  • Telescope height adjustment: 80 cm - 135 cm with Twist & Lock.
  • Carbide tip for off-road/icy terrain, rubberized tip for regular terrain, and walking heel for maximum traction.

Molded Grip with Extended Compression for Uneven Surfaces

Our hiking poles have a molded dual grip option that can give you ultimate control and flexibility over how to best use the poles during your hiking or walking trips. Whether it's strolling down the beach, climbing up a mountain, or navigating through the woods, our ergonomic design keeps you comfortable and secure. With adjustable lengths and lightweight materials that won't weigh you down, these poles are perfect for all sorts of terrain.

An Adjustable and Quick Release Wrist Strap

The Nordic walking poles provide an easy and accessible way to increase your outdoor enjoyment. Its adjustable and quick-release Wrist strap allows you to customize your pole to fit perfectly and securely in any terrain, making it easier for you to take on whatever comes your way. With Nordic walking sticks, you'll enjoy superior stability, padded grips and an ergonomic design that will reduce the impact of hiking or walking on your body while providing a great workout with every swing.

In-Built Anti-Shock Suspension With ON/OFF Switch

The telescopic twist and lock system makes extending and retracting the poles extremely simple and reliable, reducing frustration and ensuring that the poles do not retract accidentally. With their in-built anti-shock suspension and ON/OFF switch, you can customize your experience like never before. In addition, with adjustable length poles and comfortable hand straps, users can enjoy increased calorie burning, improved posture, and greater balance and stability as they explore the great outdoors.

Extendable Walking Sticks for Hiking

The anti-shock system relieves pressure on the hands and wrists, making poling more comfortable. This is also advantageous making them beneficial because they are formulated for various sizes and making them an excellent pair of poles to have on hand for guests and friends who are new to poling.

Hiking Poles System

  • Carbide tip for off-road/icy conditions
  • Rubberized tip for regular conditions
  • Walking heel for maximum traction

Follow these steps to get the most out of your hiking poles

  1. Determine the proper length: Aim for a 90-degree bend in your elbow when the pole tips touch the ground.
  2. Choose features: Adjustability, foldability, weight, shock absorption, and locking mechanisms (for adjustable poles) are a few of the features you should consider.
  3. Learn how to use poles: Knowing a few handy tips, such as how to use poles to get around trail obstacles, will get you on your way.

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Q: Are these poles suitable for beginners?

A: Absolutely! The Relaxus Nordic Walking & Hiking Poles are suitable for individuals of all experience levels, including beginners. The adjustable height, shock absorption system, and ergonomic design make these poles user-friendly and adaptable to different skill levels, providing support and comfort during outdoor activities.

Q: Can these poles be used for different types of terrain?

A: Yes, indeed! The Nordic Walking & Hiking Poles are designed to tackle various terrains, including flat trails, steep inclines, and uneven surfaces. The durable construction and shock absorption system allow you to confidently navigate different environments, providing stability and support wherever your adventures take you.

Q: Are these poles lightweight and easy to carry?

A: Absolutely! These poles are constructed with lightweight materials, making them easy to carry and handle during your outdoor excursions. They can be conveniently packed or attached to your backpack when not in use, ensuring they won't weigh you down while on the move.

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