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Reaching Grabbing tool
Pick Up Tool For Elderly
Parsons ADL Reacher - Folding Reacher | 065292080420

Parsons ADL Reacher Grabber


Parsons ADL Reacher Grabber  Reacher is also known as: Reach extender Grabber Arm Helping hand Trash Picker Extended Gripper Grabber Tool Extended Reach Grabber Long Arm Gripper Picker-Upper Heavy Duty Grabber...

Size: 26"

Folding Reacher (24.5")
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Brand: Parsons ADL
SKU: PAR-16H040
UPC: 065292080406

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Parsons ADL Reacher Grabber 

Reacher is also known as:

  • Reach extender
  • Grabber Arm
  • Helping hand
  • Trash Picker
  • Extended Gripper
  • Grabber Tool
  • Extended Reach Grabber
  • Long Arm Gripper
  • Picker-Upper

Heavy Duty Grabber Reacher Tool

Adds inches to arm length, removing the need to stretch and bend when picking up objects. The lightweight reacher has an ergonomically designed trigger that is operated with the entire hand, needing less strength than typical 2-finger triggers, making it ideal for persons with limited hand strength.

Grabber that is both cost-effective and long-lasting. Wire-driven jaws eliminate the need for a string that can stretch and break. When lifting up heavier objects, the lightweight frame of this pick up tool resists twisting and bending. For persons with stiff hands, a short trigger distance is excellent. Jaws that are resistant to slipping can pick up even the tiniest of objects.

Pick Up Tool For Everyone, Not Just Elderly

Have you ever heard the phrases "work smarter, not harder" or "better safe than sorry"? Although either of these assertions could be true for a multitude of reasons, they both seem to apply when discussing a gadget like the Parsons ADL Reacher. Everyone, regardless of age or physical abilities, can benefit from these reach extenders in a variety of ways.

We wanted to highlight some of the advantages of these tools/devices, as well as make some recommendations.

Benefits of Reachers and Grabbers

  • Reaching into previously unreachable locations is made easy with the Parsons ADL Reacher. Reduce or eliminate the need to climb onto things to get high-placed items. To pick up rubbish, avoid reaching into shady regions such as long grass, thorny plants, or holes. You never know what kind of beast lurks in these places.
  • Convenience: The ADL Reacher is meant to assist you in picking up items that might otherwise need you to climb, bend down or get on your knees, or move anything. It's simple design and ease of use make learning faster and more uncomplicated than ever before.
  • Another useful application is when driving a lawnmower. Previously, removing pebbles or debris from the cutting area required dismounting the mower; but, with a Grabber Reacher, you may do so without getting out of your seat.
  • Bending over, climbing, or crawling may be impossible or even dangerous if you have a disability, are getting older, or are pregnant.
  • For longevity and convenience of use, the shaft is constructed of rust-proof lightweight aluminum, while the interior wire is made of steel cable.

Folding Reacher 

A slightly shorter reacher but with the added folding feature for compact storage. Folds down to 12.5 in (32 cm) long.

Reach Extender Specifications

  • 16H040 - 26 inch (66 cm) reacher - weighs 6 oz (190 g).
  • 16H041 - 32 inch (81 cm) reacher - weighs 8 oz (210 g).
  • 16H042 - Folding reacher folds to 12.5 inches (32 cm) for compact storage

Instructions For Use 

Point the reacher to the object you wish to pick up, squeeze the handle to close the jaw around the object and keep squeezing until you can place the item where needed. Release your grip on the handle to let the object down. The magnetic tip on the end of the reacher can be used to pick up small metal objects such as coins, nails, etc.

Why Choose Parsons ADL

Whether you have arthritis, a hip replacement, or are disabled, we can help. Whether you're caring for a loved one who is returning home from the hospital or has a proclivity for wandering... Whether you're looking for assistive goods for your clients who have a variety of disabilities... Parsons ADL Inc. offers you over 1100 new items to better your daily lives through our growing Dealer Network of over 800 home healthcare specialists across Canada and the United States. Our delivery timeframes are among the best in the business because many of our items are designed, manufactured, and assembled on-site at our factory north of Toronto.
Our expertise and outstanding client service are our trademarks. But, above all, we appreciate the relationships we've created with our customers and suppliers over the course of our 30+ years in business in Canada.

We will continue to work hard to give practical answers for individuals who require our services.