Ortho Active Adjust-A-Heel - Heel Lift Inserts


Ortho Active Adjust-A-Heel- Heel Lift Inserts This heel lift is ideal for treating a variety of symptoms that result from leg length inequality, including pain in the hips, knees, and lower...

Size: 1-Small - Womens 5-6

1-Small - Womens 5-6
2-Medium - Mens 5-10, Womens 7+
3-Large - Mens 11+
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Ortho Active Adjust-A-Heel- Heel Lift Inserts

This heel lift is ideal for treating a variety of symptoms that result from leg length inequality, including pain in the hips, knees, and lower back. With the Adjust A Heel Lift, you can easily adjust the height of the heel lift to get just the right amount of support. These adjustable heel lifts can be peeled off and adjusted as needed, so you can always get the perfect fit. Plus, they're great for giving your shoes a little extra support and cushioning.

If you are one of the many people who suffer from heel discomfort or pain in the Achilles tendon, you may want to consider the Adjust-A-Heel Lift. This heel lift insert is an excellent choice for those who are looking for relief from their symptoms. The Adjust-A-Heel Lift is a heel lift that is inserted into the shoe and is adjustable to provide the user with the amount of lift they need. The heel lifts for shoes are made of a soft material that will not irritate the foot or cause any further discomfort. The Adjust-A-Heel Lift is also easy to use and can be adjusted quickly and easily.  So if you're looking for a heel lift that's versatile and customizable, Ortho Active's Adjust-A-Heel is the perfect choice. Get this now at Halo Healthcare!

Adjust-A-Heel Lift Features

  • Adjustable Height (3/8, 1/4, 1/8)
  • Soft suede – for a comfortable experience
  • Compact design – for an easy fit
  • Rubber base

Adjustable Height

The Adjust-A-Heel is a heel lift insert that can be adjusted to provide the perfect amount of support for your needs. Whether you're looking for a little extra height or want to alleviate pain in your feet, the Adjust-A-Heel is an ideal solution. And because it's adjustable, you can always change the level of support as your needs change.

Soft Suede

Ortho Active Adjust-A-Heel is a line of shoes with a built-in orthotic heel that provides support and cushioning for your feet. The orthotic heel helps to align your spine and improve your posture, which can alleviate back pain. And because the heel is adjustable, you can customize the level of support and cushioning to meet your needs. The shoes are also made with soft suede uppers that mould to your feet for a comfortable fit.

Compact Design

This product is great for people who have trouble finding shoes that fit well. It's also perfect for those who are constantly on the go and don't have time to fiddle with laces or straps. The Ortho Active Adjust-A-Heel is easy to use and can be quickly adjusted to provide a snug, comfortable fit in any shoe.

Adjust-A-Heel Lift Sizes


  • Height Level 2 (6 -8)
  • Height Level 3 (9)


  • Height Level 1 (4 - 7)
  • Height Level 2 (8 - 10)
  • Height Level 3 (11)


Q: How do I adjust the heel lift on the Ortho Active Adjust-A-Heel inserts?

A: To adjust the heel lift, simply peel off the adhesive backing and stack the individual layers until you achieve the desired height. The layers are easy to adjust, allowing for a personalized fit.

Q: Can I wear the Adjust-A-Heel inserts with open-toed shoes?

A: The low-profile design of the Ortho Active Adjust-A-Heel inserts makes them suitable for most closed-toe shoes. However, they may not be suitable for open-toed styles as they may not fit securely.

Q: Are these heel lift inserts suitable for children and adults?

A: Yes, the Adjust-A-Heel inserts are suitable for both children and adults. They can be used to provide heel lifts and support for individuals of all ages with leg length discrepancies or foot conditions.

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