MOBB EZ Dressing Stick and Shoehorn Combo


MOBB EZ Dressing Stick and Shoehorn Combo MOBB EZ Dressing Stick is an advanced Push pull hook for reaching clothes on hangers and in closets, pulling up pants and shirts, and...

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MOBB EZ Dressing Stick and Shoehorn Combo

MOBB EZ Dressing Stick is an advanced Push pull hook for reaching clothes on hangers and in closets, pulling up pants and shirts, and clothing off the floor. MOBB EZ Dressing Stick and Shoehorn Combo is an essential tool for anyone who hates having a mess of clothes all over the place and wants to be able to put on their shoes with ease. This two-sided dressing stick helps you neatly organize your closet while the shoe horn easily attaches to any door or rail for easy access. With this product, you'll never have to search through piles of clothes again!

MOBB EZ Dressing Stick is the quickest, easiest way to dress without taking time to tie a knot or fumble with buttons. The 24" long dressing stick has a wide, comfortable grip and easily wraps around your neck for secure dressing. The MOBB EZ Dressing Stick features a durable, all-plastic construction with an easily accessible shoehorn and large hook for fast, effortless dressing and footwear removal.

Dressing Stick and Shoehorn Features

  • Foam handle for comfort and easy grip
  • Ideal for those with limited mobility
  • Can be used to reach clothes on hangers and closets.
  • Can be used to help pull up pants and shirts.
  • Helps to put on shoes.
  • Can be used to pick up clothing off the floor.
  • 24" long

Foam Handle for Comfort and Easy Grip

For those who may have difficulty picking up clothing or other objects, the MOBB EZ Dressing Stick is a rescuer! The dressing stick's design allows users to easily grab clothing off the floor or ground. Plus, it's easy to use and can be stored away quickly when not in use. Mobility is essential for anyone living with a disability, so make life easier with the MOBB EZ Dressing Stick!

Can Be Used to Pick up Clothing off The Floor

The MOBB EZ Dressing Stick makes it easier to pull up pants and shirts- by using just a little pressure; it easily pulls them up and over your head. The dressing stick is made from a durable, soft foam that's contoured to fit comfortably in your hand. It's easy to use and perfect for anyone who has trouble getting their clothes on or off quickly.

Dressing Stick Shoehorn for Limited Mobility

With its extra-long handle, it makes getting dressed that much faster and easier! The shoehorn ensures even pressure when dressing hard-to-reach shoes and comes with a convenient storage case. This compact yet efficient dressing station keeps your closet neatly sorted by colour, type, or style. With this easy-to-use combo, you can quickly put on those pants or skirts without having to search through a pile of clothes.

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Q: Are the MOBB EZ Dressing Stick and Shoehorn Combo adjustable in length?

A: No, the combo tool has a fixed length that provides optimal functionality and ease of use for most individuals.

Q: Can the dressing stick end be used for other purposes besides pulling up clothing?

A: Yes, the dressing stick end can also assist in pushing clothing off your shoulders, retrieving items from high shelves, or pulling up socks.

Q: Is the shoehorn end suitable for all shoe sizes?

A: Yes, the shoehorn end of the combo tool is designed to accommodate most shoe sizes, providing a smooth and comfortable entry. However, exceptionally large or wide shoes may require alternative footwear accessories.

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