Human Care Oxygen Tank Holder For Rollator Models - Carl Oskar & Rebel Series


Human Care Oxygen Tank Holder for Rollator Models - Carl Oskar & Rebel Series Oxygen tank holders are a life-saving accessory that allows people to securely hold their oxygen tanks so...

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SKU: HMC-10615

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Human Care Oxygen Tank Holder for Rollator Models - Carl Oskar & Rebel Series

Oxygen tank holders are a life-saving accessory that allows people to securely hold their oxygen tanks so that they don't have to worry about them falling or becoming loose. The holder keeps your oxygen tank close at hand so that you can continue enjoying your mobility needs without having to worry about it falling off or getting lost. This is especially important for people who are elderly or have disabilities. 

This inventive accessory will be attached to the lower back of a rollator and will provide you with a hands-free way to transport their oxygen tanks. It attaches, requires easy access and eliminates the need to carry an extra tank. Not only is this accessory convenient, but it also eliminates the danger of spills or drops. This will make carrying your oxygen tank much easier, and it will also keep it safe from damage.

  Oxygen Tank Holder Sold Features

  • Oxygen Tank Holder only, Rollator sold separately
  • Fits all Carl Oskar rollators
  • Easy application and fitment
  • Durable & Long Lasting
  • Velcro strap to hold cylinder tightly

Durable & Long Lasting

This durable and long-lasting piece of equipment is made from high-quality, heavy-duty steel with an anti-corrosion coating. Once assembled, the holder can hold most standard-sized oxygen tanks. In addition, the holder is designed to stay attached to your rollator while you are using it and prevents the tank from bouncing around or moving. 

Velcro Strap to Hold Cylinder Tightly

The Rollator Oxygen Holder is an easy and convenient way to get oxygen while on your walk. It solves this problem by using a strap to hold the cylinder tightly in the frame, making it easy to open and remove the cylinder. This design allows for quick and easy removal even when the user is incapacitated. This holder is delivered complete with two straps that you will need to assemble.

Fits All Carl Oskar Rollators

With this holder, you can keep your oxygen tank securely in place so that you can move around with ease.  This model is compatible with the Carl-Oskar and Rebel series rollators, so it'll hold your oxygen tank firmly in place while you're on the go. The holder ensures that the oxygen tank is securely in place, preventing it from rolling away and potentially falling off the rollator. 

Easy application and fitment

The oxygen tank holder for the rollator is easy to apply and fitment, and it can make life a lot easier for those who need to use their rollator regularly. It can be quickly and easily installed by simply sliding it over the strap. This makes it a great option for those who need assistance getting around.

Assembling the oxygen holder on the rollator

  1. Tilt the oxygen holder and pull it through the upper gate. The holder shall be placed in the middle of the gate.
  2. Hook the oxygen holder to the lower pipe of the gate and tilt it back (vertical) so that the upper attachment on the holder slides under the upper pipe of the gate
  3. Make sure the oxygen holder is kept in place.

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Q: Can I use the Human Care Oxygen Tank Holder with other rollator models?

A: The oxygen tank holder is specifically designed to fit Carl Oskar and Rebel Series rollators. While it may work with some other rollator models of similar dimensions, we recommend using it with the mentioned models for the best fit and performance.

Q: What sizes of oxygen tanks can the holder accommodate?

A: The Human Care Oxygen Tank Holder features adjustable straps that can accommodate various oxygen tank sizes. It is designed to hold most standard oxygen cylinders securely.

Q: Is the oxygen tank easy to access and remove from the holder?

A: Yes, the oxygen tank holder allows easy access to the oxygen tank's valve and controls, so you can check your tank's status and adjust it without removing it from the holder. When needed, you can quickly remove the tank for refilling or maintenance.

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