HealthCraft P.T. Safety Rail - Angled


HealthCraft P.T. Safety Rail - Angled HealthCraft P.T. Rail - Angled is the most recommended rail to be used in a very tightened and less area room due to its nature...

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HealthCraft P.T. Safety Rail - Angled

HealthCraft P.T. Rail - Angled is the most recommended rail to be used in a very tightened and less area room due to its nature of flexibility. The rail can move along the wall and ceiling, making it perfect for small spaces. It also has an angled design, making it easier to reach high places. This toilet safety rail allows you more comfortable and efficient bathing by providing more space to move around. Additionally, it is easy to install and provides an elegant look to any bathroom.

The toilet safety rail provides a comfortable and stable footing, while the adjustment screw allows you to customize the rail's angle to suit your needs. This P.T. rail is made out of strong steel and features angled supports to keep users safe and comfortable. The rail is made from a heavy gauge metal and is stable and secure, even when wet. P.T. Rail also features nonslip surfaces that ensure safe use by anyone.

Grab Bars for Toilet Features:

  • Provides ideal support for 2-3 sets of stairs
  • Easy to fold and store away when not in use
  • Adjustable rail angles make it a perfect fit even for the steepest set of stairs
  • Powder coat white finish and Rust resistant

Toilet Safety Rail Specifications:

  • Brand Name: HealthCraft
  • Colour: White
  • Material: Alloy steel
  • Weight Capacity: 400 lbs
  • Rail Diameter:1.50"
  • Product Weight: 16 lbs
  • Length: 32"

Adjustable Rail Angles to Fit Steepest Set of Stairs

This P.T. angled rail is designed to provide an adjustable rail angle that is perfect for even the steepest stairs. P.T. Rail can be adjusted from 0-degree to 35-degree angles to be adjusted to the angle of the stairs. This allows the rail to get up and down the stairs without having to adjust its position constantly. The rail also helps prevent falls, which can lead to injury.

Easy to Ford and Store Away When not in Use

HealthCraft P.T. Rail is an angled rail that can easily be folded up to store out of the way and will not accidentally fall down, causing you an impact. This grab bar is perfect for use in tight spaces or if you are afraid of falling. This rail has a low center of gravity, making it easy to move around and stable when in use. Plus, the angled design makes for easy folding and storage when not in use.

Powder Coated White Finish and Rust Resistant

Grab bars is a powder-coated rail that provides a minimalistic look while resisting rust and corrosion. This rail is ideal for use in areas where a minimalistic design is desired. The rail can also be used in areas with high humidity levels, as the coating resists moisture and corrosion.

Additional Accessories to purchase separately:

  1. HealthCraft P.T Rail Floor Mast: Provides an alternative mounting structure for all types of PT Rail if wall mounting is not an option.
  2. HealthCraft Wood Wall Plate: provides a cost-effective alternative to opening walls and creating structural changes while mounting P.T Rail (sold separately).


Q: Can the HealthCraft P.T. Safety Rail be installed on different types of surfaces?

A: Yes, the safety rail comes with versatile installation options, allowing you to securely mount it on various surfaces such as wood, tile, or drywall. The necessary hardware and instructions are included for your convenience.

Q: Is the angled design suitable for both standing and sitting positions?

A: Absolutely. The angled design of the safety rail is thoughtfully engineered to provide support in both standing and sitting scenarios. It's a versatile solution that can accommodate various needs.

Q: Is the HealthCraft P.T. Safety Rail suitable for individuals of all ages?

A: While primarily designed to assist seniors and individuals with limited mobility, the safety rail can be a valuable addition for anyone who seeks extra support and stability, regardless of age.

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