FitterFirst Pro Combobble Board


FitterFirst Pro Combobble Board FitterFirst Pro Combobble Board is a unique balancing exerciser that allows fitness enthusiasts to progress even more than expected. It enhances users’ strengths while at the same...

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FitterFirst Pro Combobble Board

FitterFirst Pro Combobble Board is a unique balancing exerciser that allows fitness enthusiasts to progress even more than expected. It enhances users’ strengths while at the same time learning or upgrading their balancing ability. What’s even better is that this board is designed to be portable and crafted with a handle on one side, making it convenient to bring to the gym or anywhere you want to use it.

Furthermore, this high-caliber fitness device can increase the task and benefits of various exercises for individuals bored with their old routines. They can incorporate tools like exercise balls with the board to challenge themselves more. Users can also make their regular squats and tosses much more gruelling and extreme with this pro combubble board.

Combobble Board Features

  • Non-slip grip tape
  • Combination of wobble and rocker board
  • Patented tri-level sphere design
  • Rectangular wooden panel
  • Made with birch plywood

Combobble Board Benefits

FitterFirst Pro Combobble Board is an excellent tool for people looking to improve their fitness. The board has multiple benefits that can help you get into better shape. Some of the benefits of using this FitterFirst Pro Combobble Board include:

  • It helps you work on different muscle groups at the same time, making it a more effective way to work out.
  • It is affordable, so it doesn’t require a lot of money to use.
  • It can improve the difficulty level of various exercises.
  • It can be excellent for balancing and pivoting during workouts.
  • It can help improve form during workouts.
  • It can help build core and lower body strength.
  • It can help improve the user’s proprioception.

Combabble Board Specifications

  • Width: 24”
  • Weigh capacity of 400 lbs

Reliable Deck

This combobble board was designed with a rectangular wooden panel that provides the right size of plane area for users to stand on and have a comfortable balancing experience. It is made of birch plywood with excellent strength and stiffness, making the deck tough and durable. Plus, this board can accommodate up to 400 lbs, enough to handle every individual whose ready to get fit and healthy.

Tri-Level Adjustment

This Pro Combobble Board was equipped with a patented tri-level sphere that can intensify your exercise program. This sphere can be adjusted two times, from the standard to level two and up to level three, allowing you to add another extra challenge to your program.

Non-slip Surface

This board exerciser was installed with grip tape to secure footing from the deck, making users feel more confident in the middle of their workout. It is also a safety feature that prevents slippage accidents from the product. This non-slip grip tape will work on any type of footwear and even for barefoot users.

Extreme Combination

FitterFirst combobble board is an extreme combination of a regular wobble board and rocker board, offering users a more challenging routine. This combination provides a higher level of side-to-side tilt than the slope, increasing the excursion’s difficulty. With this unique board, the user’s joints and muscles will be enhanced while keeping them more focused and active.

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Q: Can beginners use the Pro Combobble Board?

A: Yes, the Pro Combobble Board is suitable for beginners. You can adjust the difficulty level by regulating the air pressure to match your fitness level and gradually progress as you build strength and stability.

Q: How often should I use the Pro Combobble Board?

A: To achieve optimal results, it is recommended to use the Pro Combobble Board at least a few times a week. Consistency is key to improving balance, core strength, and overall stability.

Q: Is the Pro Combobble Board suitable for rehabilitation purposes?

A: Yes, the Pro Combobble Board is often used in rehabilitation settings. It can aid in recovering from certain injuries, improving proprioception, and restoring balance and stability.

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