Drive Medical Portable Male Urinal


Drive Medical Portable Male Urinal Drive Medical’s Male Urinal is a lifesaver for men who have trouble getting out of bed. This essential product makes it easy and comfortable to relieve...

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Drive Medical Portable Male Urinal

Drive Medical’s Male Urinal is a lifesaver for men who have trouble getting out of bed. This essential product makes it easy and comfortable to relieve oneself, no matter how tired or incapacitated they are. Its sturdy design ensures it will stand up to daily use, and its large opening cut-out allows users to easily aim at it without spills and splashes.

This portable urinal for men is also ideal for patients who suffer from urinary incontinence or other bladder problems. It eliminates peeing while on the way to the bathroom and saves their time and energy. With Drive male urinal, men can retain their dignity and help keep their bladder healthy, preventing further problems.

Male Urinal Features

  • Designed to prevent spills
  • Sturdy grip for easy handling and can be used in several positions by the patient
  • Lightweight, durable and easy-to-clean
  • Graduation marks to measure output
  • Can hold 32 oz
  • Cap helps confine odours
  • Retail packaged

Male Urinal Benefits

Drive Medical Male Urinal offers more than just functionality; but also has several benefits that make it the perfect choice for your needs. Some of its benefits are:

  • It makes the process of relieving oneself easier, more comfortable, and more efficient. 
  • The simple design of this urinal makes it perfect for anyone who needs assistance with their urinary needs. 
  • It is a great way to help men stay healthy and comfortable when urinating.
  • Using this urinal is less likely to cause UTIs. 
  • It is also an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional toilets since they don’t require water or electricity to operate.

Reliable Cap

Drive Medical Male Urinal comes with a reliable cap that helps confine odours. It is also designed to prevent spills, so you won’t have to worry about embarrassing accidents. This cap is also easy to open and close, allowing ease of use. With this cap, you can set aside the urinal without worrying about spilling your urine, and it will also keep the area around the urinal clean.

Easy to Grip Handle

This Male Urinal by Drive Medical is designed with an easy to grip handle that allows users to hold and use, no matter how big or small their hands are. The handle’s comfortable and ergonomic construction makes it easier for users to get the perfect urination angle and reduces strain on arms, back, and knees. With this feature, it allows for a more comfortable experience and more accurate urination.

Easy to Clean

Drive Medical male urinal is portable and lightweight and designed to make men’s life easier. Not only is it easy to carry around, but it’s also durable and easy to clean – meaning they can use it for a long time without worrying about infections.

Convenient Graduation Marks

Drive Medical Male urinal is the perfect solution for users who need to monitor their urine for medical purposes. It has a graduation mark on its body for easy tracking, making it ideal for hospitals and care centers. It also has a large capacity to hold up to 32 oz of urine, so users don’t need to empty it frequently. 

Halo Healthcare offers a wide variety of urinals in Canada and the US, so you can decide which is best.


Q: Is the Drive Medical Portable Male Urinal suitable for individuals with limited mobility?

A: Absolutely! The Drive Medical Portable Male Urinal is designed to provide convenience and assistance to individuals with limited mobility. It's ergonomic design and easy-to-grip handle make it accessible and user-friendly.

Q: Can the urinal be used while lying down or in a reclined position?

A: Yes, the design of the Drive Medical Portable Male Urinal allows for use in various positions, including lying down or in a reclined position. Its leak-resistant design ensures a mess-free experience, providing comfort and convenience.

Q: How much liquid can the urinal hold?

A: The Drive Medical Portable Male Urinal has a generous capacity and can hold up to [insert specific capacity] of liquid. This allows for extended use without the need for frequent emptying.

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