The Best At-Home Products to Reduce Lower Back Pain

Reduce Lower Back Pain

Discover the best at-home products to use for lower back pain and finally get some relief so you can take on your day.

Did you know that experts believe that 80% of the population will experience back pain at some point in their lives? Back pain is no joke. It can affect how and if you can work, sleep, and even where you sleep.

Lower back pain, in particular, can make the simplest of everyday tasks hard to complete. For instance, tying your shoes may feel like a real hurdle when your lower back pain is flaring up.

Luckily there are many tools out there to help you get some lower back pain relief. Read on to find out all about the products that can help manage your pain so you can once again live a comfortable life.

The Best At-Home Products to Reduce Lower Back Pain

1. Invest in a Walker

For some, doing the simplest things like walking to the store or around the block is easy. However, if you have back pain, these simple tasks take on a whole new meaning. It's not always easy; you may feel tightness in your muscles or even experience back spasms, all of which heighten your risk of falling. 

It can be challenging to find someone to help you, and even if you do, it can feel somewhat limiting to rely on someone else for all your needs.

A walker can help you regain a sense of independence and support you physically while you walk. It can help you remain active while alleviating some of the pressure and weight on your back.

Studies have shown that remaining active is best for your back pain, even though it can be tempting to want to stay in bed. Keeping active is one of the best methods of combating your lower back pain or sciatica. 

At, we offer the best and most convenient walkers to our customers so they can feel supported in every way.

Our Mobb Folding Walker features wheels on the front legs to make getting around on many surfaces easier. It also features rubber tips on the back legs to ensure you and your walker don't slip on wet or slippery surfaces. 

Additionally, it features easy-release levers to make sure you can easily fold it up and store it wherever you need to. When you're not using it at home, you can fold it up and quickly bring it back out when you need some at-home back pain relief. 

It can also easily fit into a car, so you can take it with you wherever you will need it if your back pain flares up. 

MOBB Regular Folding Walker

2. Find Support With a Rollator

If a walker isn't quite the right pick for you, you may want to invest in a rollator instead. The difference between a walker and a rollator is that a walker is a light frame in which you need to pick up with every step, while a rollator is pushed forward with every step.

For some, a rollator may feel like a smoother, easier way to move around. Some may not mind picking up a walker or prefer that its back wheels have rubber tips.

A rollator will be a much better option for those who enjoy the ease of gliding as they walk and don't want to deal with having to pick their walking aids up.

The Hugo Euro Ultra-Light Walker is one example of an excellent rollator that can help with at-home pain relief, hip pain relief and still keeps you active. It even comes in two fun color options, green and orange! 

The most convenient feature of this rollator is that it only weighs five pounds, making it one of the most accessible walking accessories you can buy. It's suitable for use indoors and outdoors on many different surfaces and has ergonomic handles for comfort. 

Its frame is simple, making it a no-fuss walking aid that you can assemble without any tools. It's also easy to fold up when you're ready to store it away.

It even features a large bag on its front frame so you can store your valuables or items that you buy from the store. 

This rollator is perfect for helping you get around the way you need to when your back pain is at its worst. It can bring a powerful sense of independence and be the relief you need when things happen unexpectedly, as they often will. 

Hugo Euro Ultra-Light Walker - Titanium Orange

3. Accessorize Your Walkers and Rollators for Comfort

Having a walker or a rollator will make staying active while living with your back pain more manageable, but there are even more things you can do to increase its convenience.

For instance, a medical walker bag can easily attach to your walker or rollator, and it will store any medications, cream, or balms that you may need while out and about. If your walking aid of choice doesn't come with a basket, you can also add a basket to it to make light shopping easier. 

Did you know you can even add a seat to your walker? That way, you'll be able to sit down whenever you need to, wherever you are. 

There are also walker trays available to attach to the top of your walker whenever you need to walk with food or small items. Some trays even come with cup holders, so your drink doesn't slide around on the tray as you walk. 

For rollators, some brakes can be attached to the device's wheels so that you can control the speed at which the walking aid moves. This is an excellent option for people who want a rollator but are worried about accidentally slipping.

Relieve Your Lower Back Pain Today proudly provides the tools and products to help you live your best life despite your lower back pain.

Whether it's a walker, rollator, or accessories that you need, we have you covered. Check out our page full of walking device options and order yours today.

Disclaimer: The information presented on this website is for general informational and educational purposes only and is not a substitute for professional medical advice from your doctor or other healthcare professionals.

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