Tips on Mastectomy Clothing for Comfort After Surgery

Tips on Mastectomy Clothing for Comfort After Surgery
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Undergoing a mastectomy is life-changing. Adjusting to your new way of life and finding clothes that fit can be difficult, but it doesn't have to be. At, our goal is to provide you with a range of suitable mastectomy apparel that will maximize your comfort and recovery every step of the way.

Whether you have a single or double mastectomy, your range of motion can become limited after the surgery and pulling your regular clothing over your head can be a real pain. This is why, it is essential to find proper fitting mastectomy clothing that won't cause you discomfort when putting them on or wearing them. Of course, you'll still want something stylish and flattering and don't worry, we've got you covered in that department too.

Let's dive in.

Tips on Mastectomy Clothing for Comfort After Surgery

Pain and Soreness

After surgery, you are likely going to experience some pain for a while. It is also highly likely that your upper body will feel sore, and if you undergo reconstructive surgery, you may be more sensitive and tender around the ribs. Finding soft, loose-fitting mastectomy clothing will allow you to maintain your comfort and heal properly.

Reduced Confidence

Many women feel very different about themselves after a mastectomy surgery, which is normal. Finding clothes that make you feel beautiful and boost your self-esteem and confidence is a fantastic way to get you back to feeling your best.


In case lymph nodes are removed during mastectomy, there may be a risk of contracting lymphoedema. This swelling develops when the lymphatic system fails to remove the fluids collecting in the hands, chest, and arms.

In cases like this, some people get drains, either rubber or plastic tubes, that remove this fluid to prevent it from accumulating under their skin. Getting the proper clothing will allow you to hide these drains so that you can keep on living your life without feeling insecure.

What to Consider When Choosing Post Surgery Clothing

After you have undergone surgery, what used to be your favourite top may not be the best for you to wear right away. Wearing the proper post-mastectomy clothing will aid in your recovery time. Here are a few tips to consider when choosing post-mastectomy wear:


Due to the pain and sensitivity, loose, comfortable clothes are preferable because they are easy to put on and remove. They’ll also be easy to move around without straining yourself or interfering with the cars or drains. One of our favourite comfy tops is the  Amoena Michelle Post Surgical Camisole. Its built-in pocketed camisole allows you to hold your breast form or shaper; no bra required.

Amoena Michelle Post Surgical Camisole


Roomy tops and flowing dresses, for instance, are an excellent option for disguising the drains. Shop for natural fabrics to avoid irritating and chaffing your skin. Bamboo clothing, for example, is a perfect choice because it is breathable, stretchy, soft, and moisture absorbent.

Ease of Use

Post-surgery, you need clothes that keep you from stretching or exerting yourself, so clothes you can get into or wrap around yourself are a safer choice. Avoid anything that has to be pulled over your head or that has to be zipped in the back.

Immediately after the surgery, you may get a post-surgery bra from the hospital. Still, it is essential to get a proper post-surgical mastectomy bra as soon as you can. These are easier to put on and take off compared to traditional bras.

Most people think they should wear sports bras after surgery, but they are actually not recommended because you may need to pull them over your head. However, Amoena has a wide variety of bras to support you on your post-surgery journey. The  Amoena Zipper Sports Bra allows you to have the support of a traditional sports bra without the hassle of pulling it on over your head.

Amoena Zipper Sports Bra

Drain & Breast Form Friendly

One of the most significant challenges you will encounter when dressing after surgery is concealing and protecting your drains. You’ll have tunes running from the surgical area to the drains, and you need to keep them in place to avoid complications.

You don’t want anyone to see them, but you also don’t want them pulling or tugging from friction. This is why loose-fitting clothes are a much better option.

Finding clothes designed with pocketed cups to hold your new breast forms and shapers can be difficult. Not to worry, we have lots of specifically designed  mastectomy clothing for you to choose from.


If you feel self-conscious after your mastectomy surgery, wearing clothing with patterns can help. Tops or dresses with ruffles, pleats, and other designs can be a great option for you. These patterns and shapes will keep you looking more symmetrical can help boost your confidence. The  Amoena Sunset Chic Top is a perfect example of a mastectomy top that will allow you to feel more confident.

Amoena Sunset Chic Top Papaya/Gold

What Kind of Bra Is Best Post-Mastectomy

Bras can be one of the most challenging parts of breast surgery, and having the right ones can make a big difference. You can get post-surgery bras specifically designed to offer you comfort and protect the wounds as well we the drip tunes. Compression bras are well designed to minimize swelling or prevent fluid buildup.

You can also get a belt to provide you with the pressure you may need post-mastectomy surgery. You may opt for mastectomy bras instead, which are soft, non-wired and seam-free to offer ultimate comfort. These bras are made from super breathable materials that prevent friction, and irritation and most of them come with small pockets to hold the prosthesis.

Front-fastening mastectomy bras are available if you have a hard time moving. If you are worried about style and glamour, you’ll be glad to know that it's easy to find pretty gorgeous mastectomy underwear designed for women who undergo a mastectomy.

Post-mastectomy clothing has revolutionized just like other post-surgery clothing, so you can still be glamorous.

How to Dress Post-Mastectomy

Just because you have just undergone mastectomy surgery does not mean you have to say goodbye to your fashion sense. All you need to do is find the right clothes that work for you. Highlight all your favorite features that draw attention away from those areas you are most cautious about. Aim to create a focal point in other areas.

Accessorize those areas with scarves, jewelry, shoes, earrings, or anything that makes you feel beautiful and confident.

Choosing Post-Mastectomy Clothing

Now that you know what to wear post-surgery, you need to plan and do some shopping. There are many options for mastectomy clothing that will help you look and feel your best along your journey.

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