StimTec Target TENS/EMS Machine (Discontinued)


StimTec Target TENS / EMS StimTec Target TENS/EMS is a techy device that can help you to treat chronic body pain and conveniently massage sore muscles. It is a handy battery-operated...

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SKU: STI-27888
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StimTec Target TENS / EMS

StimTec Target TENS/EMS is a techy device that can help you to treat chronic body pain and conveniently massage sore muscles. It is a handy battery-operated device for you to be able to bring it anywhere and use it anytime you need it. This TENS machine is so reliable that you won’t regret choosing it.

The StimTec TENS / EMS machine has superb features, benefits, and a unique thirty modes that indicate where to place it. With this, you will surely love this device and realize it is worth having more than any other body pain reliever tool. Plus, its emitting pulses are safe for your body and will not cause harm, providing you relief and comfort.

Features of StimTec Tens Machine

  • Flip cover 
  • Lock button  program
  • Large LCD
  • Settings for acute or chronic pain
  • Preset Target Treatments
  • Manual modes are available as well
  • User-friendly

Design of  StimTec Tens Unit

StimTecTarget TENS/EMS was made with a flip cover that protects any buttons from being accidentally pushed that may cause an error in your program. It also has a lock program that can lock the settings you’ve made even if the battery is removed. This TENS machine is equipped with a large and blue backlit LCD for you to read it easily.

StimTec TENS machine is installed with preset target treatments in thirty modes with a label on where you should use it. This feature will provide the right amount of electric pulse on the target part of the body to protect your tissue from damage. It also has a setting for acute or chronic pain that you can choose depending on what kind of pain you are feeling. Plus, the unit is user-friendly and hassle-free to use and has an instruction guide that includes manual modes showing exactly where electrodes should be placed for each part of the body.

Benefits of StimTec Target TENS

StimTec Target Unit is beneficial to people who need a suitable treatment for their muscle pain. Listed below are some benefits of this StimTec Kit:

  • It can relieve acute or chronic pain.
  • It reduces inflammation of muscles.
  • It is easy to use with an indicator for guidance.
  • It can make your blood circulation regular.
  • It is a portable device that can be brought anywhere.

Specifications of StimTec TENS Machine

  • Channel: Dual
  • Output: Maximum 130 mA (peak value) across 500 Ohm load
  • Pulse Width: From 50μS to 400μS adjustable
  • Pulse rate: From 1Hz to 150Hz Adjustable
  • Waveform: Symmetrical Bi-phasic rectangular, Asymmetrical Bi-phasic rectangular, Monophasic rectangular, and Alternated Bi-phasic rectangular
  • Ramp Time: 0-5 seconds, in steps of 1 second 
  • On-Time: 1-60 seconds, in steps of 1 second
  • Off Time: 1-60 seconds, in steps of 1 second

StimTec TENS Machine Modes

  • P0 - NECK pain
  • P2 – LOW BACK pain
  • P6 – POST-SURGERY knee pain
  • P7 – ANKLE sprain
  • P8 – KNEE pain (gonalgia)
  • P9 – HIP pain (coxalgia)
  • P10 – MENSTRUAL pain
  • P11 – NEURALGIA 
  • P20 - Triceps
  • P21 - Latissimus dorsi
  • P22 - Spinalis
  • P23 - Gluteus
  • P24 - Hamstrings
  • P25 - Calves
  • P26 - Breast
  • P27 - Abdomen
  • P28 - Abdomen + Waist
  • P29 - Thighs

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