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Relaxus Zen Sands Relaxus Zen Sands is a perfect addition to your desk or table. Our luxurious sand is sure to bring peace and relaxation into your life, and this exquisite...

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Relaxus Zen Sands

Relaxus Zen Sands is a perfect addition to your desk or table. Our luxurious sand is sure to bring peace and relaxation into your life, and this exquisite mixture of natural minerals, salts, plants, and essential oils helps release tension from the body and mind.

Our unique flip frame and slow-moving sands create a mesmerizing, calming effect in any home; the 8" x 1.5" x 6" size makes it perfect for the office or bedroom, adding an element of tranquillity wherever you need it most. Choose between three beautiful colours: Blue, Green, and Pink - each one providing a uniquely soothing atmosphere as the sand shifts and changes throughout the day. Halo Healthcare offers a wide range of Zen Sands products.

Zen Sands Features & Benefits

  • Slow-moving and mesmerizing sand
  • Flip the frame over when all sand is at the bottom
  • Available colours: Blue, Green, Pink
  • 8" x 1.5" x 6"

Slow-moving and mesmerizing sand

It is a unique sensory experience, offering participants the chance to engage with a slowly shifting and captivating movement of sand, and the behaviour of this material manifests itself in an entrancing pattern, as it slowly falls from one vessel to another, creating a meditative flow of hypnotic form and texture. This phenomenon can be attributed to the properties of granular media, which are characterized by collective behaviour arising from simple contact interactions between each particle.

Flip frame

Through the physical act of flipping the frame, equilibrium is reached whereby all the sand has been transferred to the lower chamber. This phenomenon can be explained through principles of kinetic energy and friction, as the motion of flipping dissipates energy from the system, leading to a static state of equilibrium where all grains of sand have been redistributed to their lowest points within the frame.

Available colours

The product comes in three distinct colours - blue, green, and pink - each of which lends itself to the aesthetic qualities of the product. Blue is often associated with tranquillity and calmness, while green can be seen as a reflection of nature and growth, with pink symbolizing relaxation and repose.


Q:  How do I care for my Relaxus Zen Sands?

A: Taking care of your Zen Sands is effortless. Store them in a clean, dry container when not in use to prevent contamination and preserve their quality. If the sands become soiled, rinse them gently with water, ensuring they are fully dried before use to maintain their smooth texture.

Q: Can I mix different colours of Zen Sands together?

A: Absolutely! Mixing different colours of Zen Sands allows for endless creative possibilities. Blend and combine different hues to create stunning visual effects and captivating patterns. Let your imagination soar as you experiment with unique combinations.

Q:  Are Zen Sands suitable for children?

A: While Zen Sands can be enjoyed by people of all ages, adult supervision is recommended, especially for young children who may be tempted to put the sand in their mouths. Please ensure the sand is used safely and kept out of reach of young children to avoid any potential hazards.

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