Relaxus TheraGel Stress Balls


Relaxus TheraGel Stress Balls Relaxus TheraGel Stress Balls can help you take control of your mental and physical health. These highly effective resistance training balls are designed to provide therapeutic relief...

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Relaxus TheraGel Stress Balls

Relaxus TheraGel Stress Balls can help you take control of your mental and physical health. These highly effective resistance training balls are designed to provide therapeutic relief from tension and stress. Their professional-grade construction makes them ideal for a range of exercises, providing flexibility and resistance in one convenient device. Enjoy a deep tissue massage as you work out, or target the smaller muscles with dynamic movements that help build strength and stability.

The hand therapy ball is the ultimate stress-relieving tool for anyone looking to destress from daily life. With a diameter measuring about 57mm, it's the same size as a racquetball or pool billiard ball, making it easy to carry and transport with you wherever you go. Not only is it designed ergonomically to fit comfortably in your palm, but its soft, malleable design allows a gentle squeeze that can quickly release tension and pressure.

Stress Balls Features:

  • Flexibility & resistance training. 
  • Rehabilitation tool used to Increase grip strength.
  • Silicone Material and 2-tone fabric cover.
  • Size: 6.0 cm 
  • Gel Hand Exerciser Stress and Pain Therapy Relief
  • Hold and squeeze to help reduce stress
  • Recommended by physiotherapists to help strengthen hands, fingers, and wrists

High Quality Silicone Gel Filled Product for Maximum Comfort

This ball is a premium quality silicone gel filled product with a two-tone turquoise and blue cover made from Lycra fabric for maximum comfort. This stress relief ball is the perfect companion in moments of high pressure or tension, helping to relieve stress when you need it most. Its unique design helps to massage your hand muscles while being soft enough to not cause any discomfort.

Recommended by Physiotherapists to Strengthen Hands

These multi-functional balls are an ideal choice for both relieving stress and strengthening your grip. It is recommended by physiotherapists; these stress balls provide a natural way of reducing tension and improving grip strength and dexterity. Their unique gel filling molds to the user's hand shape for maximum comfort while providing an effective workout on any body part with targeted pressure. Plus, the soft material is gentle enough even for small children or elderly adults who need Focus exercise therapy.

Rehabilitation Tool Used to Increase Grip Strength.

Relaxus squishy stress balls are a revolutionary rehabilitation tool designed to help you increase your grip strength. This unique and innovative product is made with a specially formulated TheraGel, providing maximum support and comfort for users. The exercise handball feels quite 'squishy' and is easy to depress initially but can take much more strength if you try to flatten it out all the way, which enables you to build strength in the fingers and forearm.

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Q: How do I use the TheraGel Stress Balls effectively?

A: Using the TheraGel Stress Balls is simple. Hold the stress balls in your hand and gently squeeze them, applying comfortable pressure. Release and repeat the squeezing motion for several minutes, allowing yourself to fully engage in the stress-relieving experience.

Q: Are TheraGel Stress Balls suitable for children?

A: Yes, the TheraGel Stress Balls are safe for children to use. However, it's advisable to supervise younger children during their stress-relieving sessions to ensure they use the stress balls appropriately.

Q: Can the TheraGel Stress Balls help with hand therapy?

A: Absolutely! The TheraGel Stress Balls are designed to promote hand and wrist rehabilitation. Regular use can aid in improving grip strength, flexibility and relieving discomfort associated with conditions like carpal tunnel syndrome.

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