Relaxus Himalayan Salt Lamp


Relaxus Himalayan Salt Lamp  The Relaxus Himalayan Salt Lamp is a luxurious and soothing addition to any home environment. Its unique glowing pinkish-orange hue provides an ambience of tranquillity and serenity,...

Size: 19cm

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Relaxus Himalayan Salt Lamp 

The Relaxus Himalayan Salt Lamp is a luxurious and soothing addition to any home environment. Its unique glowing pinkish-orange hue provides an ambience of tranquillity and serenity, while its natural purifying properties help to protect you from the harsh effects of everyday pollutants in your air. This beautiful lamp is powered by a low-voltage bulb that can be adjusted to different light settings, allowing you to tailor your atmosphere according to your needs.

This lamp will instantly infuse your home with a beautiful and calming glow. Its alluring amber hues are designed to provide a sense of calmness and relaxation to any space, while its natural air purification properties will help filter out dust particles and other impurities from your living area. This lamp includes a 15W bulb and AC power cord, so you can begin enjoying the benefits of this ancient, holistic technology right away.

Himalayan Salt Lamp Features

  • Helps to neutralize ions emitted from TVs, computers, artificial air conditioners, etc
  • Fight free radicals while enhancing the beauty of your home and office
  • Provides a soothing glow.
  • Carved by local artisans in Northern Pakistan - shapes/weight will vary
  • Colour will vary from pale orange to deep rich red
  • 15W bulb and AC power cord included

Salt Rock Lamp Specifications



1.5kg - 2kg


2kg - 3kg


4.5kg - 5kg


6kg - 7kg


9kg - 11kg


18kg - 22kg


Emit Neutralization Ions to Create Calming Environment

The pink Himalayan salt lamp is the perfect way to counteract all the negative, unnatural energy in your home. This all-natural salt lamp emits a calming orange light that neutralizes and absorbs the unhealthy ions that come from electronic devices such as TVs, computers, and air conditioners. The decor piece doubles as a wellness tool - helping you create an atmosphere of relaxation and balance in any room.

Fight Free Radicals While Enhancing the Beauty of Your Home and Office

The Himalayan rock salt lamp is the perfect way to add a calming, natural ambience to any home or office. Crafted from hand-selected blocks of pure Himalayan salt, this unique lamp produces ions that help fight free radicals in the air and protect your skin from pollutants. By purifying the air around, you, the Himalayan salt lamp creates an environment that's conducive to unwinding after a long day or staying focused during work hours.

Carved By Local Northern Pakistan Arts with Varied Shapes/Weight 

Beautifully crafted by local artisans in Northern Pakistan, the Relaxus pink Himalayan salt lamp is a stunning addition to any room. Each one is unique and hand-carved into varying shapes and weights, making them truly individual pieces of art. Not only are they stylish, but they also provide many health benefits, from neutralizing electromagnetic radiation to purifying air and reducing allergens. Plus, its durable design ensures it won’t be damaged by termites or other pests.

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Q: How do Himalayan salt lamps work?

A: Himalayan salt lamps work by emitting negative ions into the air when heated by the light bulb inside. These negative ions help to neutralize the positive ions produced by electronic devices, creating a cleaner and healthier indoor environment.

Q: Can the brightness of the lamp be adjusted?

A: Yes, the Relaxus Himalayan Salt Lamp features adjustable brightness settings, allowing you to customize the lighting according to your preference and mood. Whether you prefer a subtle glow or a brighter ambiance, you can easily adjust it to suit your needs.

Q: How long does the lamp last?

A: The Relaxus Himalayan Salt Lamp is crafted from high-quality salt crystals, ensuring its durability and longevity. With proper care, the lamp can last for many years, providing you with continued benefits and a serene atmosphere.

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