MOBB Toilet Seat Riser


MOBB Toilet Seat Riser Introducing the MOBB Toilet Seat Riser- a simple and ingenious design that elevates your toilet seat, increasing comfort and ease of use. With this essential item, you...

Size: 4"

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MOBB Toilet Seat Riser

Introducing the MOBB Toilet Seat Riser- a simple and ingenious design that elevates your toilet seat, increasing comfort and ease of use. With this essential item, you can avoid painful knees and ankles while taking care of business. By raising their toilet seats only by a few inches, people who find it difficult to sit and stand from their toilets can enjoy a world of difference!

MOBB Toilet Seat Riser is a unique product that helps people with disabilities or heavy loads get up from a seated position easier. With a maximum weight capacity of 300 lbs, this toilet seat booster makes it easier and more comfortable to use the toilet. Plus, with its high-density foam construction, this product provides immense support and comfort - making long bathroom sessions a thing of the past!

Toilet Seat Riser Features

  • The MOBB Toilet Seat Raiser is manufactured using high-density and high-quality foam, which offers immense comfort, support, and elevation.
  • 4" Toilet Seat Raiser is made with high-density foam, providing elevation, support, and comfort.
  • It has 4 hooks & loop straps to secure the cushion to the toilet seat.
  • Easy-to-clean high-quality vinyl cover
  • Fits with most standard toilet seats.
  • Weight capacity 300 lbs.

Designed for Maximum Comfort and Support

MOBB toilet seat booster is designed for maximum comfort and support when using the toilet. This product uses high-density and high-quality foam to create an immense amount of cushioning and elevation, making it a must-have for an improved restroom experience. Not only does this product provide users with a better overall experience, but Mobb raised toilet seat is also easy to install - perfect if you are on a tight schedule or if your bathroom is already crowded.

Fits Most Standard Toilet Seats

With MOBB elevated toilet seat, you can get a secure fit over most standard-sized toilets without having to use a stepstool or buy an expensive lift. This easy-to-use product quickly and securely raises your toilet seat so that you can easily use the bathroom. The raised seat gives you extra height so that you don't have to bend down as much and avoids the need for messy and uncomfortable floor mats.

4 Hook & Loop Straps to Secure the Cushion to the Toilet Seat

The MOBB Toilet Seat Raiser helps you secure the cushion to the toilet seat for an easier time while relieving pressure on your lower back and posterior. The raised toilet seat is designed to help you get the most comfortable use out of your toilet. With 4 hook & loop straps, it securely attaches the cushion to the toilet seat, ensuring that you get a full-body, pressure-relieving experience.

Easy To Clean, High-Quality Vinyl Cover

MOBB Toilet Seat Riser is the perfect way to get a comfortable, elevated toilet seat without having to buy an expensive replacement. The elevated toilet seat is easy to clean and has a high-quality vinyl cover that can resist stains and fading.

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Q: Is the MOBB Toilet Seat Riser compatible with all toilet bowls?

A: Yes, the MOBB Toilet Seat Riser is designed to be compatible with most standard toilet bowls. Its versatile design fits seamlessly on round and elongated toilet bowls, providing enhanced accessibility without the need for expensive bathroom renovations.

Q: Can the MOBB Toilet Seat Riser be easily removed when needed?

A: Absolutely! The MOBB Toilet Seat Riser can be easily removed whenever necessary. Whether you need to clean the toilet or if you're travelling and want to take it with you, the seat riser can be detached effortlessly without leaving any permanent modifications to your toilet.

Q: How do I ensure the stability of the MOBB Toilet Seat Riser?

A: The MOBB Toilet Seat Riser is equipped with secure clamps that firmly attach it to your toilet bowl, ensuring stability during use. Additionally, anti-slip pads are included to further enhance stability and reduce the risk of accidents. You can have peace of mind knowing that the seat riser provides a secure and reliable solution.

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    Please note: These toilet seat raisers are made from a dense foam which means it will decompress slightly when in use. If you're looking for a more solid raiser, take a look at Mobb Raised Toilet Seat.