HealthCraft P.T. Safety Rail Right- Stainless


HealthCraft P.T. Safety Rail Right-Stainless Mobility around the toilet is made much easier and more secure with the HealthCraft P.T. Rail Right- Stainless. This rail attaches to the wall adjacent to...

Length: 28"

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HealthCraft P.T. Safety Rail Right-Stainless

Mobility around the toilet is made much easier and more secure with the HealthCraft P.T. Rail Right- Stainless. This rail attaches to the wall adjacent to the toilet and provides a stable platform for users to stand on while using the bathroom. This freedom of mobility makes it easier for users to use the toilet without fear of falling or becoming injured. It provides perfect toilet safety during transitional movements, such as getting up from a seated position or climbing into and out of the toilet. 

With this Stainless toilet safety rail, individuals can stay safe and independent while using the toilet by using a durable and secure rail system. The rail is also removable, so it can be moved when necessary. In addition, it provides a steady hold or grabs while reducing wrist strain and folds up out of the way when not required.

P.T. Rail Features:

  • Provides perfect toilet safety during transitional movements.
  • Features innovative offset rail to avoid any wrist strain.
  • Easy to fold up against the wall when not required
  • Comes with compression hinges to keep the rail from falling
  • Made from: Stainless steel

Toilet Safety Rail Specifications:

  • Brand: Healthcraft
  • Material: Metal
  • Weight Capacity: up to 400 lbs
  • Rail Diameter: 1.50"
  • Rail length: Comes in 28" and 32" long sizes
  • Colour: Brushed Stainless Steel

Healthcraft Stainless Pt Rail

The toilet safety rail is a very helpful device that can be extremely beneficial for those who have difficulty maneuvering around the toilet. This P.T. rail right comes in both 28" and 32" lengths and has a diameter of 1.50". It is made from brushed stainless steel, so it looks professional and sleek. This rail can accommodate up to 400 lbs, making it perfect for those who are heavier or have more mobility issues.

Innovative Offset Rail to Avoid Wrist Strain

The HealthCraft P.T. Rail is designed with an innovative offset rail to avoid wrist strain when you’re sitting down or pulling yourself up from a seated position. The rail also features a non-slip grip for extra stability. Whether you’re sitting or standing, the P.T. Rail will help you stay healthy and protect your wrists from strain. Plus, it is also easily stored; simply lift the rail until it is flush against your bathroom walls. This rail is easily stored when not in use and can be installed on the wall in a matter of minutes.

Compression Hinges to Keep the Rail from Falling

HealthCraft P.T. Rail is the perfect toilet safety rail for anyone with impaired mobility. The rail features strong compression hinges to keep it from falling, giving you support and security even when the rail is halfway up. The rail also includes a drainage hole to prevent clogging and a built-in shelf for added storage.


Step 1: Fasten the rail to the structural wall with appropriate fasteners for wall construction.

Step 2: Ensure unobstructed rail travel in all positions.

Additional Accessories to purchase separately:

  1. HealthCraft P.T Rail Floor Mast: Provides an alternative mounting structure for all types of PT Rail if wall mounting is not an option.
  2. HealthCraft Wood Wall Plate: provides a Cost-effective alternative to opening walls and creating structural changes while mounting P.T Rail (sold separately).
  3. HealthCraft Toilet Roll Holder: HealthCraft Toilet Roll Holder is an add-on accessory for the P.T. rail that attaches to the P.T. rail easily to minimize reaching and twisting for toilet paper.


Q: Is the HealthCraft P.T. Safety Rail Right suitable for both residential and institutional settings?

A: Absolutely! Whether you're looking to enhance safety at home or in a care facility, the HealthCraft P.T. Safety Rail Right is versatile enough to cater to various environments.

Q: Can I install the safety rail on my own, or do I need professional assistance?

A: The HealthCraft P.T. Safety Rail Right is designed for user-friendly installation. However, if you're uncertain, it's always a good idea to seek professional assistance to ensure proper placement and security.

Q: Can the stainless-steel finish withstand humid conditions, such as in bathrooms?

A: Yes, the stainless steel finish is resilient against moisture and humidity. This makes it a suitable choice for bathrooms and other areas where water exposure might be a concern.

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