Dr. Scholl's Pain Relief Orthotics for Knee Pain 1 Pair


Dr. Scholl’s® Pain Relief Orthotics for Knee Pain 1 Pair Dr. Scholl’s Pain Relief Orthotics for Knee Pain are inserted for shoes that help relieve sore knees due to overpronation. These...

Size: Men's sizes 8-14

Men's sizes 8-14
Women's sizes 6-10
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Dr. Scholl’s® Pain Relief Orthotics for Knee Pain 1 Pair

Dr. Scholl’s Pain Relief Orthotics for Knee Pain are inserted for shoes that help relieve sore knees due to overpronation. These orthotics offer a comfortable and effective way to alleviate pain associated with kneecap pain and arthritis, as well as improve daily function. They are easy to put on and take off, so you can stay active and efficient, no matter your knee pain level.

Dr. Scholl’s Pain Relief Orthotics are the perfect solution for people suffering from general knee pain, osteoarthritis, or runner’s knee pain. These orthotics provide relief and prevention of pain in these areas by engineering the foot to be compatible with the body. With Dr. Scholl’s Orthotics for knee pain, you will be able to enjoy your life more comfortably and alleviate your knee pain at the same time.

Orthotics for Knee Pain Features 

  • Deep heel cup and arch support provide all-day knee pain relief
  • Inserts have reinforced padding designed to support foot and leg alignment, 
  • Available Sizes - Men’s Sizes 8-13, Women’s Sizes 6-10
  • Inserts absorb shock and reduce the stress that may contribute to knee pain with the help of its shock guard technology

 Orthotics for Knee Pain Benefits

There are many benefits to using Dr. Scholl’s Pain Relief Orthotics for knee pain. These Orthotics can help improve your quality of life by reducing the intensity and frequency of pain, as well as improving your ability to move around effectively. In addition, these Orthotics can help you reduce the amount of time you spend on crutches or in agony. Whether you’re suffering from chronic pain or just want to reduce inflammation and swelling, these Orthotics are a great way to achieve improved function and comfort. Plus, they are affordable, easy to use, and will fit easily on whatever shoe you pick to wear.

Deep Heel Cup and Arch Support

The deep heel cup and arch support in Dr. Scholl's Knee Pain Relief Orthotics help keep the knee pain at bay. This product is designed to help stabilize the heel, preventing stress, strain, and shock that can cause knee pain. With this product, you won’t have to deal with thigh pain or other forms of knee pain for an extended period, and you’ll feel confident about buying them - you won’t have to wear uncomfortable shoes for days on end anymore!

Reinforced Padding

With Dr. Scholl’s Knee Pain Relief Orthotics, you can reduce your pain and improve foot and leg alignment. This product’s reinforced padding helps distribute pressure to minimize the impact on each step, making it a helpful way to manage your discomfort. Moreover, these Orthotics are made to fit men and women, so you can focus on doing what you love - being healthy! They’ve got a variety of sizes available, so you can find the perfect one for your needs; choose from men’s Sizes 8-13 or women’s Sizes 6-10.

Effectively Absorbs Shock

Dr. Scholl Orthotics Relief can help protect the knee cartilage and meniscus from shock and stress. It has shock guard technology to absorb pain-inducing shock at its source, preventing it from travelling up your leg. Plus, this orthotic is supportive and comfortable, so you’ll feel good about wearing it for hours on end!


Q: Can these orthotics help with knee pain caused by medical conditions?

A: While Dr. Scholl's Pain Relief Orthotics are designed to provide support and comfort, it's essential to consult with a healthcare professional for specific medical conditions.

Q: Are these orthotics suitable for athletes and active individuals?

A: Absolutely! Dr. Scholl's Pain Relief Orthotics are crafted to support active lifestyles and are ideal for athletes and individuals with knee discomfort.

Q: Can I use these orthotics in all types of shoes?

A: Yes, these orthotic inserts are designed to fit most shoe styles, from casual shoes to athletic sneakers, ensuring comfort in all your favourite footwear.

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