DR-HO'S Diabetic Friendly Anti Pressure Insoles


DR-HO'S Diabetic-Friendly Anti Pressure Insoles Your feet are one of the most important areas of your body; poor foot support can cause pain in the feet, ankles, knees, and even hips...

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SKU: DRH-5100-A
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DR-HO'S Diabetic-Friendly Anti Pressure Insoles

Your feet are one of the most important areas of your body; poor foot support can cause pain in the feet, ankles, knees, and even hips and lower back. DR-HO's Diabetic Friendly Insoles is an anti-pressure insole that can save your feet from pain while also providing relief for knee, ankle, and foot problems. Simply put them on and let the pressure be safe for your feet, and you'll never have to suffer from foot pain again!

DR HO's anti-pressure insoles offer the wearer a comfortable and stylish way to keep their feet healthy and comfortable. These foot insoles are made with a high-quality material that will help prevent foot problems such as diabetes, leg arthritis, and other conditions. They are also made to be durable, keeping your feet feeling good all day long.

Diabetic-Friendly Insoles Features 

  • More comfort while walking and running
  • Shock-absorbing heel plate
  • provide a soothing feet reflexology
  • 110 unique pressure-sensitive air pumps
  • It can be used for those with back and heel pain
  • Fully reversible

Diabetic-Friendly Insoles Benefits

There are many benefits to using these diabetic-friendly insoles, including reducing foot pain, improving blood flow, and creating a more comfortable and healthy walking surface. Additionally, the insoles can help protect your feet from harmful bacteria and fungus, as well as provide optimal arch support.

Unique Pressure-Sensitive Air Pumps

DR HO shoe insole features 110 unique and high-quality pressure-sensitive air pumps that provide excellent support for walking and running; it can even help those with hip and back pain to relieve their discomfort. Whether you're new to diabetes or have been struggling for years, these insoles are a great way to start taking care of your health.

Shock Absorbing

DR HO Insoles are designed with a shock-absorbing heel plate to reduce impact and pain caused during heel strikes as you walk or run. They can also be used by those with back and heel pain. These diabetic-friendly insoles provide superior shock absorption compared to other insoles on the market and are an affordable option for those who suffer from diabetic foot pain.

Fully Reversible

DR-HO's Diabetes Friendly Insoles are the perfect way to keep your feet looking and feeling great! They are made fully reversible, so you can opt for which works with your needs and preferences. When you put them on, the air cones provide a soothing foot reflexology massage as you walk, while the reversed air cone pumps air onto the bottom of your foot, which feels great and keeps your feet fresh!

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Q: Can I use DR-HO'S Diabetic Friendly Insoles with my existing shoes?

A: Absolutely! These insoles are designed to be easily trimmed to fit into various shoe sizes, including both men's and women's footwear. Simply follow the guide and trim the insoles to match your shoe size for a perfect fit.

Q: Are DR-HO's Anti anti-pressure insoles suitable for people with sensitive feet?

A: Yes, indeed! The gentle and diabetic-friendly design of these insoles makes them ideal for individuals with sensitive feet. The soft cushioning reduces friction and provides a soothing sensation, while the pressure relief technology minimizes discomfort caused by pressure points.

Q: How often should I replace the insoles?

A: To ensure optimal foot support and comfort, it is recommended to replace the insoles approximately every six months or as soon as signs of wear and tear become evident. Regular replacement will guarantee the insoles continue to provide the support you need.

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