5 Surprising Reasons Why More Women are Choosing A Mastectomy Camisole

5 Surprising Reasons Why More Women are Choosing A Mastectomy Camisole

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The Aspects of a Mastectomy That a Mastectomy Camisole Will Help With

Specialty Bras and Mastectomy Specialty Bras

When in doubt, go with a mastectomy bra

Benefits of a Mastectomy Camisole

To Buy Mastectomy Camisoles or Not to Buy Mastectomy Camisoles?

After going through an important surgery, women struggle to find clothes that support their needs. More women are opting for a mastectomy camisole.

The day is swiftly approaching. Soon will be the day that you receive your mastectomy. As nervous as you are, you know that it is something that needs to be done.

You prepped your family and friends for the hard times that will come as a result of the mastectomy. You have also gotten all the necessary items that your doctor suggested. The only thing that you are still debating on whether to get or not is a mastectomy camisole.

What is a camisole, you ask? A camisole is a light tank top or sleeveless undershirt with embellishments and lace on it. A mastectomy camisole is a camisole with special pockets and pouches made within it to hold breast forms, prostheses, and/or surgical drains.

To prove to you the value in having a mastectomy camisole after your surgery, we are telling you all the ways in which mastectomy camisoles can help you function more easily while you are in mastectomy recovery.

Take a deep breath. With all the preparations you have already taken, plus a mastectomy camisole, you will get through your mastectomy.

The Aspects of a Mastectomy That a Mastectomy Camisole Will Help With

To understand how mastectomy camisoles can make your life easier during mastectomy recovery, you should first understand what struggles you will face after mastectomy surgery.

After your mastectomy, you will have to stay in the hospital and have doctors monitor you for up to 3 days. If you have a mastectomy and reconstruction surgery you will likely stay in the hospital longer.

The day after your surgery, your doctor or nurse will show you some mild exercises. You will need to do these exercises regularly to avoid arm and shoulder stiffness.

Your surgeon will also prescribe you pain medication. Finally, he or she will tell you how to care for your bandages and surgical drains. Surgical drains are tubes inserted into your breast or armpit to catch any fluid that accumulates there.

Some mastectomy patients get their drains removed before leaving the hospital. Others may have to leave theirs in for 1-2 weeks until their follow up doctor’s appointment. If you are one of the latter, make sure to empty your fluids into a detachable bulb a few times a day.

Once you are home, you will need to spend a lot of time resting. You also will need to take sponge baths instead of showers or regular baths. You will do this until your doctor says otherwise. Beware that you will likely need to take pain medications. Because your pain will be so severe, have your family and friends perform daily tasks for you for a few weeks.

For several months after your mastectomy, you will still experience some discomfort and pain as your body heals itself. It is helpful to have mastectomy camisoles and specialty bras during these months.

Specialty Bras and Mastectomy Specialty Bras

When it comes to specialty bras, it is wise to choose ones with wide bands that go across your shoulders and beneath your breasts so that your bra will stay in place and not dig into your skin.

It is also wise to get adjustable straps and closures so that you can adjust your bra to your liking. When buying specialty bras after a mastectomy, do not get ones with seams or underwire, as they will only cause pain and discomfort.

When in doubt, go with a mastectomy bra

The best specialty bras that you can get to avoid pain and discomfort are ones that close in the front and have soft cups. When in doubt when purchasing a bra after a mastectomy, you can never go wrong with a mastectomy bra. Not only do mastectomy bras have soft inner linings, but they also have special pockets in them just for prostheses.

The ultimate mastectomy bra is the camisole bra. A camisole style mastectomy bra has soft linings, specialty pockets, and soft full cups that will help in providing you with comfort.

Benefits of a Mastectomy Camisole

Mastectomy camisoles combine the support, comfort, and special pockets of a specialty bra with the beauty and femininity of a camisole. A mastectomy camisole is especially handy right after getting mastectomy surgery.

This is because you cannot wear bras during the early period of your mastectomy recovery. Specialty mastectomy camisoles, on the other hand, can be worn right after surgery.

A mastectomy camisole is very easy to take on and off without straining yourself. Because these camisoles were made for breast cancer survivors, they also have specialty pouches for both prostheses and surgical drains.

Because the makers of mastectomy camisoles know that you cannot wear weighted breast forms while in the early phases of mastectomy recovery, they also made sure that mastectomy camisoles have non-weighted breast forms that will still create a natural profile when in wear. Mastectomy camisoles are even known to improve one’s posture.

Even Medicare and most private insurance companies recognize how necessary mastectomy camisoles are for breast cancer survivors. They show this recognition by offering to cover the purchase of a few mastectomy camisoles for mastectomy surgery patients.

To Buy Mastectomy Camisoles or Not to Buy Mastectomy Camisoles?

The answer to this question is up to you. Do you want to be restricted to just a few camisoles, or do you want a plethora of options? We are just going to assume that you are smart enough to conclude that investing in mastectomy camisoles after breast surgery is a wise and necessary decision.

Although your insurance is likely to pay for a few mastectomy camisoles, the fact that the full mastectomy recovery period could last several months is evidence enough that you should take the time out to purchase several more mastectomy camisoles on your own.

Hey, you own more than a few bras, right? If so, then you know that it is wise to invest in several mastectomy camisoles. Trust us, and say thank you later.

To purchase camisoles and other items you will want or need after mastectomy surgery, check out the  “breast care and comfort” category of our “daily living aids” section.

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