Ditch the misery and reclaim your day! Mucinex isn't just...
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Ditch the misery and reclaim your day! Mucinex isn't just another cold and flu brand; it's your partner in powering through. We offer an arsenal of innovative over-the-counter solutions designed to tackle your specific symptoms and get you back to feeling like yourself, fast*.

Fight Back with Focused Relief:

Mucinex understands that a one-size-fits-all approach doesn't cut it when battling a cold or flu. That's why we offer a variety of targeted formulations, allowing you to choose the right weapon for your fight*. From powerful chest congestion relief to soothing sore throats and silencing coughs, Mucinex has the solution to help you breathe easier and feel better faster*.

Your Mucinex Must-Haves:

  • Mucinex Fast-Max: Feeling the full brunt of a cold or flu? Don't wait! Mucinex Fast-Max offers powerful, fast-acting relief in various formulations, including liquids, caplets, and even a nighttime option. Breathe easier, conquer cough, and reduce fever – all in a single dose (for some products)*.
  • Mucinex D: Is a nagging cough disrupting your sleep and daily routine? Mucinex D offers targeted cough suppression, helping you rest and recover peacefully*.
  • Mucinex Expectorant: Struggling with thick, stubborn chest congestion? Mucinex Expectorant provides a powerful expectorant to help loosen mucus and clear your airways, allowing you to breathe easier.