Gynalac, an esteemed brand in feminine healthcare, focuses on addressing...
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Gynalac Vaginal Gel 35mL

Gynalac Vaginal Gel 35mL


Gynalac, an esteemed brand in feminine healthcare, focuses on addressing and preventing bacterial vaginosis, a common yet often neglected women's health issue. Their flagship product, Gynalac Vaginal Gel, is uniquely formulated to restore and maintain the natural pH balance of the vagina. Enriched with lactic acid and sodium hyaluronate, it effectively combats unpleasant odours and discharge, fostering a healthy vaginal environment.

Gynalac's dedication to providing hormone-free, gentle, and clinically validated solutions has solidified its reputation among women seeking non-invasive and trustworthy options for intimate care. The brand emphasizes scientific innovation and a deep understanding of women's health needs, making Gynalac a preferred choice for maintaining vaginal wellness. Gynalac's commitment to women's health is evident in its efforts to empower women to manage their intimate health confidently and comfortably, making it a beacon in the realm of feminine wellness.