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Sleep Aids and Melatonin for Sleeping Better Can’t sleep through...
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Sleep Aids and Melatonin for Sleeping Better

Can’t sleep through the night, or have trouble falling asleep? The range of products found below promote deeper, better sleep so you can wake feeling refreshed.

Melatonin and Magnesium for Sleep

Below is a wide selection of sleep supplements from Jamieson Vitamins and ZzzQuil. They come in tablets, liquid caplets, and capsules. For those who dislike or can’t swallow pills, there’s also flavoured fast-dissolving strips.

But How does Melatonin Work?

It’s a natural hormone that helps control your sleep cycle. Too little of it, and your body won’t prepare for sleep, making it hard to fall asleep. Using these supplements can help encourage sleep.

Magnesium Supplement Benefits

Magnesium benefits your sleep by helping relax your body and reduce stress, which can help you sleep longer and deeper. It can also be used in combination with Melatonin, as can be found below.

Anti-Snoring Devices and Mouthguard for Sleeping

Below are devices used to relieve snoring so you can sleep peacefully through the night.

The mouthguard fits comfortably so you can wear it all throughout the night as it helps reduce snoring by slightly moving your lower jaw forward to ensure air can pass easily through your mouth. There is also an adjustable chin strap available to help reduce snoring.

Nasal devices like the saline irrigation and nasal vent can be found below as well. These help clear a pathway for air in your nose to reduce congestion so you won’t snore during the night.