Adjustable Beds

Adjustable Beds Adjustable beds used to be just for the...
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Adjustable Beds

Adjustable beds used to be just for the sick or injured, but lately they have gone mainstream The best adjustable beds allow the user or caregiver to adjust the position of the mattress for more comfortable rest. Both small and large adjustments can be made to the position of the feet or head area. This is ideal for reading in bed, or for eating with a bed table or overbed table.

Adjustable beds come in a variety of sizes.

Considerations when choosing an adjustable bed

    • What is your budget
    • What features are you looking for - massage, light attachments, USB port
    • Do you want the adjustable bed to be programmable (eg. to automatically raise or lower head area at a certain time of day)

Adjustable beds for seniors allow for the ability to sit up to eat in bed, better relaxation, decrease in back pain, the ability to fall asleep faster, and for a better rejuvenating night sleep. One side benefit of a adjustable bed is that by raising the head slightly it can reduce or eliminate snoring.