Your Guide to Shopping for Mastectomy Swimsuits

Your Guide to Shopping for Mastectomy Swimsuits

Your Guide to Shopping for Mastectomy Swimsuits

Embrace your desire to swim post-mastectomy by reading this guide to mastectomy swimsuits. Learn what to look for and how to find it.

Living with breast cancer is a battle, and like with any fight, you may come out with some scars.

More than 100,000 people undergo mastectomies every year, and the procedure can be a very emotional one. Many people wonder what their bodies will look like after and if they will ever be able to feel confident in something as revealing as a swimsuit again.

If you’ve had a mastectomy, don’t worry – your fun in the sun isn’t over! There are a lot of options for mastectomy swimsuits that will help you look and feel amazing.

Read on to learn about some of the different options for mastectomy swimsuits and how you can rock a beach after your surgery.

Pocketed Swimwear

If you choose to get prostheses after your mastectomy, you have a variety of options open to you when it comes to swimwear. Some companies sell special mastectomy swimsuits that include pockets to hold prostheses. You may also be able to find swimsuits with built-in pockets and removable cups designed to allow women to pad their suits as they like.

Make sure if you plan to swim with prostheses that you look for special swim prostheses. These are lighter and aren't water absorbent. Make sure you don’t swim with foam prostheses, as these will take on water and can change shape or become damaged.

Mix and Match

Depending on your style preferences, you may prefer to wear two-piece suits, and this is still very possible post-mastectomy. You can get a few different tops and bottoms that allow you to mix and match. You can create several different looks from the same few suits this way if you like.

If you choose to use breast forms, look for tighter-fitting top pieces. These will help hold the prostheses in place and prevent any shifting. Don’t be afraid to rock the two-piece look after surgery; you’ll look just as amazing as always!

Tankinis and One-Pieces

If you prefer a little more coverage in your swimsuit, or if you want to cover lower-reaching scars, tankinis can provide a great option. You can still enjoy the mix and match options of the two-piece swimsuits while maintaining a little more modesty. You may also be able to find longer bandeaus that reach to your waist and cover any longer scars.

If you want full coverage and confidence, there are plenty of wonderful one-piece bathing suits out there. You may want to look for suits with molded cups that will help camouflage breast forms and different breast sizes. Get a suit that makes you feel comfortable and confident in your skin.

Adjustable Tops

One wonderful feature to look for if you’re shopping for mastectomy swimsuits is adjustable straps. Sometimes you need to be able to lift one breast a little higher to get everything to even out the way you want. Adjustable straps make that easy, as well as provide support to keep everything in place.

Halter tops are an especially good option for mastectomy swimwear. They are often adjustable, and you can slide them on your neck to position your breasts as needed. They also provide good upward support even more than regular straps do.

Bold Prints and High Necks

If you’re worried about your prosthetics showing up in your swimsuit, there are a few ways you can camouflage them. One great option is to pick a suit that has bold, colorful prints on it. The bright pattern will keep the eyes moving and cover any minor differences in size or breast location.

High neck swimsuits can also help cover up small differences with your prosthetic breast or breasts. Plunging v-necks don’t provide much cover, but high neck suits lead the eye up to your chest and to your face, where your beautiful smile is. These can also help hide scars that show further up your chest.

Showy Backs

Post-mastectomy, you may prefer not to mess with the hassle of reconstructive surgery or prosthetics. Wearing your scars proudly can be incredibly freeing – you’re so fierce even cancer couldn’t bring you down, and that’s something you can be proud of! And one awesome way to celebrate that victory is to wear swimsuits you might not have been able to previously.

Strappy back swimsuits are gorgeous, but for people with larger breasts, they don’t provide enough support. Post-mastectomy, you may need less support in that area and so can rock a showing swimsuit back. Pick something flashy and fabulous that makes you feel as amazing as you are.

Own the Look

For many mastectomy survivors, their scars are a personal badge of honor. And if you want to go flat, you can walk proudly and own that look. Breasts are not the only thing that makes you beautiful, and you can find swimsuits that help show off that beauty without relying on the cleavage to do so.

Look for swimsuits with cutouts on the sides or ruched tops that celebrate your flat figure. Fringe, zippers, and strappy accents can look amazing on a swimsuit. The most important thing is to find a suit that you love and that makes you feel beautiful when you walk out on that beach.

Find Great Mastectomy Swimsuits

Shopping for swimsuits after a mastectomy can be an emotional process for many people. But whether you had to have a single or double mastectomy, you choose to use prostheses or not, or you like to show more skin or cover-up, you can find a mastectomy swimsuit that looks amazing on you. You are gorgeous, whatever your breasts may be, and you deserve to flaunt that beauty in the sun.

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