Why Use a Shower Chair? 5 Safety Benefits for Seniors

Shower Chair Safety Benefits

A shower chair is an essential tool for the elderly or people with disabilities who need assistance in the bathroom. Here are five safety benefits of using a shower chair.

Taking a shower may seem like a straightforward activity for you, but it's not always that simple for seniors. Taking a bath is supposed to be relaxing, but it might sometimes feel more akin to torture for them. This is because the possibility of falling and injuring themselves is all too real.

However, there is a solution for this problem that will give them peace of mind when showering; a shower chair. By using one, they can sit and not worry about falling or slipping while in the bathroom. Also, it gives them a sense of independence since they don't need someone else's help to clean up after themselves.

Let's get a deeper understanding of what a shower seat is and the safety benefits for seniors.

Why Use a Shower Chair? 5 Safety Benefits for Seniors

What is a Shower Chair?

A shower chair is designed to be used in the shower to assist seniors with getting in and out of the tub or shower. You can sit on it safely while washing, shaving or simply taking a break from the task of standing up straight under hot water.

It also provides you with greater security and peace of mind by allowing you to feel more comfortable while showering. This also means there's less of a chance you'll injure yourself if you slip or fall.

Shower chairs are especially beneficial for people with limited mobility because they may remain seated while bathing.

5 Benefits of a Shower Chair

1. Reduces Risk of Falling and Injury

A shower seat reduces the chance of falling, which can lead to serious injuries such as broken bones or head trauma. If you want your loved one to be as independent as possible, a bath chair might offer what they need.

2. Improves Comfort While Bathing

If your family member suffers from mobility issues like arthritis or poor balance, using a shower chair will make them more comfortable during their showers. 

3. Provides Support for Seniors Who Use Mobility Aids 

If someone uses a walker or cane while walking around the house, they may have trouble using it in the bathroom when taking a shower or bath. Although using a walker in the bathroom is not dangerous, a shower chair may be a better option.

4. Makes it Easy to Get in and Out of Showers

If someone has difficulty getting in and out of the shower, they could benefit from having an extra hand. A simple lift system will allow for easy transitioning between sitting down and standing up.

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5. Supports Independent Living at Home

Shower chairs can help people with disabilities have more stability and control while using the bathroom. It is considerably easier to sit down in a shower chair and feel secure instead of standing up and moving around, especially when the floor is wet and slippery. As a result, seniors can feel more independent and can confidently age in place.

Things to Consider Before You Buy a Shower Chair

Shower chairs give seniors a sense of independence and empowerment because they allow them to bathe without assistance. For this reason, family members and caregivers need to take the time to learn how to use a shower chair correctly before their loved one starts using it.

The following are four questions that you should ask yourself when considering whether or not you or someone you know needs a shower chair.

1. How much can I lift? If you have trouble lifting 15-30 pounds on your own, then getting into and out of the bathtub could lead to serious injury if done improperly. A shower chair allows seniors who cannot stand up from sitting down an alternative option by providing support and comfort during the entire process. 

2. How much can I bend? If you struggle with bending down, reaching your feet or reaching behind yourself, then getting into and out of the bathtub could lead to serious injury if done improperly as well. Shower chairs make it possible for seniors who cannot reach their legs while standing straight up to take a shower by sitting on a chair first before applying soap.

3. How long am I able to stand? If you cannot stand for extended periods, then a shower will support you when you need to sit down in the middle of showering. 

4. Do I like taking showers? A shower chair makes bathing bearable for seniors who don't enjoy standing in showers.

Different Types of Shower Chairs

Shower chairs come in a variety of designs and sizes to fit unique individual needs:

  • Standard Shower Chair With Arms. These chairs have four legs and resemble a typical chair. They usually include handgrips to assist you to get up and lower down in the seat. 
  • Shower Bench. A shower bench helps one sit and bathe more comfortably. It helps to decrease the chance of slipping or falling in the shower.
  • Bath Stool. These are intended for individuals who have little mobility or balance difficulties. It doesn't have a back or handlebars.
  • Swivel Shower Chair. If you're looking for the utmost support, the swivel shower chair is the best because it can be mounted inside the shower area. A good example is our Mobb Shower Chair.
  • Transfer Bench. People with difficulties getting into and out of the shower should use this bathroom safety option. These are longer than your average shower chair.

A Final Note

The need for bathroom safety, especially for seniors, is critical. We hope that these benefits give you insight into why investing in a bath chair might be worth it.

If you’re looking to improve bathroom safety in your home, have a look at our variety of shower chairs here.

Disclaimer: The information presented on this website is for general informational and educational purposes only and is not a substitute for professional medical advice from your doctor or other healthcare professionals.

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