5 Reasons to Start Using Walking Poles for Seniors

5 Reasons to Start Using Walking Poles for Seniors

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Discover 5 reasons to start using walking poles for seniors to improve health and safety. From reducing injuries to burning more calories, you'll love this new walking accessory.

Walking is the cheapest and best exercise for your mind and body. It offers numerous health benefits while boosting your mood at the same time.

Regardless of how long you've been walking for exercise, there's a surefire way to improve your experience...

Walking poles!

Walking with walking poles, also referred to as Nordic Walking, not only prevents injuries but can also help you burn more calories.

Keep reading to discover the benefits of this handy walking aid.

5 Reasons to Start Using Walking Poles for Seniors

1. Get a Powerful Arm and Core Workout

You may not realize this, but every time you push your walking poles forward, it causes your abs to tighten. This motion puts your lesser-used upper arm muscles into good use. As a result, you can get an excellent aerobic workout. Plus, your strength and mobility in your upper arms and shoulders will improve.

Given that you are using more of your muscles, blood circulation in the entire body improves when Nordic Walking.

2. Protect Your Joints From Wear and Tear

Another reason to start using walking poles is to protect your joints against wear and tear. If you frequently walk on rough terrain, this becomes even more essential.

Conventional walking often puts stress on the knees, ankles, and hips, especially for seniors. For people with arthritis, walking can be painful too.

Walking poles for seniors solve this problem by transferring the weight from your knees and hips to your upper body. Additionally, they can improve the flexibility of your joints. The result is pain-free walking for seniors with mobility issues.

Besides protecting your joints, walking poles also improve posture. When used correctly, they allow you to walk with your shoulders in a straight position. For older people and those with joint problems, this can be incredibly beneficial.

3. Make Your Walk Safer and Reduce Injuries

For all the benefits associated with walking, the risk of falls is real. Thankfully, walking poles reduce this risk by giving you better balance and posture.

Even if you trip on rough terrain, you can hold on to them for support. Moreso, the poles will prevent you from crashing onto the ground and hurting yourself. If you commonly experience sprains and twisted ankles, this affordable mobility aid is perfect for you.

Another reason we love walking and trekking poles are they enable you to enjoy the outdoors safely. You can even explore rugged terrains like mountains and streams with less risk of injuries or joint strain.

Once you learn to walk with poles, it becomes even more enjoyable. If you're finding it difficult initially, focus on the swinging motion to add rhythm to your walk.

4. Burn More Calories and Build Strength

Since walking poles provide additional support, you can walk further distances comfortably. Besides the reduced strain on your joints, you will also use more energy while on your daily stroll or hike.

All these factors result in more calorie burning when compared to conventional walking. In some cases, these calories burnt may result in weight loss too.

Furthermore, hiking poles give you the confidence to experiment with steeper slopes. After all, reduced pain and improved safety make walking much more stress-free.

senior using walking poles

5. Great Alternative to Running

Walking with poles can be a great alternative to running. They allow you to get a more intense exercise at a constant speed.

People with chronic health conditions like heart problems, obesity, and osteoarthritis in the knee can use walking poles to get moderate-intensity exercise at a comfortable pace.

If you've been forced to stop running due to one of these conditions, we encourage you to try out walking poles instead!

How to Select Good Walking Poles

It is essential to select good-quality walking and hiking poles suited to your requirements. Likewise, the sticks should be adjustable, lightweight, and sturdy. You should also search for easily foldable options so that you can carry them anywhere you want.

Typically, walking poles with a triple tip system are the best as you can use them in different terrains without risk of damage.

If your doctor or therapist recommended walking poles, be sure to discuss proper technique with them. At first, you may have a little difficulty getting used to Nordic Walking, but soon your walking poles will be your favourite walking companion.

Finally, check out our favourite Nordic Walking & Hiking Poles here and don't forget to leave us a comment below if you have any questions!

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