4 Low Impact Exercises You Can Do At Home | Halo Healthcare

4 Low Impact Exercises You Can Do At Home | Halo Healthcare

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Stuck at home but want to stay in shape? Try these 4 low impact exercises you can do at home with no equipment.

Have you been searching for a low impact, yet productive, way to utilize your time at home?

Look no further, as the answer to this question is simple; you should invest your time in doing low impact exercises at home.

This will help keep your body healthy, while also boosting your mood and energy throughout the entire day.

Now, you might be wondering how effective these low impact exercises are in terms of burning fat?

Well, low impact exercises are highly effective in burning our stored fat.

Even better, they do so without inflicting high levels of pressure as well as stress on our joints.

The nature of all low impact exercises is such that one of your feet will be on the floor at all times.

Therefore, doing this simple workout at home is both effective as well as safe, making it a great option for anyone who may be recovering from a mild injury or prefers low-intensity fitness options.

Want to give them a try?

Keep reading to see the four low impact exercises that you can do at home.

1. Low Impact Jumping Jacks

Low impact jumping jacks are the perfect way to warm up for your workout.

The jumping jacks will effectively increase your heart rate and aid you in loosening up your muscles, while simultaneously burning calories.

First, stand straight and rest your arms by your side, while leaving a small space between your feet.

A tip to standing straight is to always do a backward rolling motion with your shoulders.

This will ensure that your posture is correct throughout the movements.

Next, starting with your right foot, take a step to your right.

While stepping out, move your right arm above your head.

While doing this motion, make sure to keep your left foot in place.

Alternate this motion between each side and continue this for one minute.


2. Lateral Shuffle

This exercise assists in enhancing your muscle strength and making them well-rounded.

First, position your feet shoulder-width apart.

For this exercise, you must maintain a slight bend in your knees.

Position your arms comfortably in front of your chest and move your body to the right by first stepping out with your right foot, which should be followed by your left foot.

Then, step to your left using your left foot, followed by your right one; continue these lateral shuffles for one minute.


3. Standing Oblique Crunches

Standing oblique crunches assist in enhancing your core strength, which can help with stability and balance.

First, stand straight and set your hands behind your head, ensuring that your feet are arranged shoulder-width apart.

Your elbows should flare out towards your side.

Next, bring your right knee upward, towards your elbow, while moving your elbow down to your knee.

Alternate these steps between your right and left sides for one minute while keeping your core engaged.


4. Squat To Jab

Position your feet more than shoulder-width apart and place your arms by your side.

Next, squat down and then stand up.

After standing up, throw a controlled punch. Its direction should go across your body.

Squat down and then continue this exercise for one minute while alternating arms.

Don’t forget to keep your core engaged during this exercise.

After finishing a full cycle of these low-intensity exercises, you can either stop there or repeat them a couple more times.

Remember to listen to your body and focus on proper form when doing these moves, as to avoid any injury or strains.


Closing Thoughts

All of these exercises are ideal in terms of low impact and ease of doing them at home, as none of them require any equipment.

That means you can stay in shape without leaving your house at all.

No gym, no problem. Right?

Once again, here’s a quick recap of the exercises we covered in this post:

  1. Low Impact Jumping Jacks
  2. Lateral Shuffle
  3. Standing Oblique Crunches
  4. Squat To Jab

Staying at home can become quite monotonous, so we hope that you find these exercises to be worthy of your time.

Finally, remember to always consult your physician before beginning a new fitness program.

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